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Rock star 4032 wig, in 1btRed

Rock Star 4032 wig aka Silky Spikey by Express Yourself

Long layered wig that's made to be spiked, foofy, poofy and tousled up. This wig features silkier fiber than our other spiked wig options.

Stylists note: Very smooth fiber at the tips and middle, this wig has frizzy hair at the roots to help foof it up a bit.

Cosplay uses: Axel from Kingdom Hearts. 8t124 for Jareth from Labyrinth. Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII. Sandaime Kazekage from Naruto Shippuden. Ginias Sahalin from Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team. Occasionally we have someone buy this for Demyx. Does your cosplay has natural colored or 1btRed spiked hair? Then this may be your wig.

$25.00 each.

Measurements: (measured with care, but we may be a little off)
Spike length on front and crown of wig: 5.5 inches
Back of wig to ends of hair: 12 inches.

Standard size wig, but is adjustable with hooks in the back.

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Rock Star wig in 1btRed, front view Rock Star wig in 1btRed, side view Rock Star wig in 8t124 Rock Star wig in black Rock Star wig in 130 Rock Star wig in 613 Rock Star wig in 24h613

A similar style is Punky which features firmer fiber hair.

swatch of wig color 1 dark black #1
dark black
swatch of wig color 6 chestnut brown #6
chestnut brown
swatch of wig color 130 bright red #130
Henna-type Red
swatch of wig color 613 platinum blonde #613
light blonde
(no swatch available) 8-T124
dark blonde tipped with lighter blonde (shown at lower left)
swatch of number 24 blonde wig colorswatch of number 613 light blonde wig color 24-H613
swatch of number 33 dark auburn wig colorswatch of number 130 red wig color H 33/130 swatch of wig color 1b39 1B/39
swatch of wig color 4 dark brownswatch of number 27 strawberry blonde wig color 4/27
dark brown with auburn
swatch of wig color 1 dark blackswatch of new look red wig color 1btRed
black tipped with bright red

All the color swatches are intended to show you the general color of each wig, we cannot guarantee the exact hue of the wig that you may receive due to manufacturing processes. Unless otherwise specified, wigs are one solid color and are not streaked - the swatches show you the natural color variation that occurs depending on what lighting you are in.

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