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Who are we?

One of us does the behind the scenes programming (which is an enormous task, as our cart system is custom-programmed)

The other of us does everything else.

We've been in business since 1996.

You can reach us at amphigory@amphigory.com

United States

Our automated system is only able to accept orders from the 50 US States.

Non-US Orders

We do not ship internationally.

Time Between Ordering and Shipping

"Usually in stock" items (incense and fragrance oils) take between 0-2 business days to ship. Usually orders are processed and shipped every morning and generally instock orders go out the same day.

Special order items are wigs and any bulk incense/oils requests. Please allow 9 business days from the Monday following your order for wig orders to be sent out from us.

Payment Methods

Credit Cards

We accept Visa and MasterCard, but are unable to accept non USA bank issued cards or cards with non USA billing addresses.

Our shopping cart system works a little differently than most. Your card is not charged automatically when you complete your order, as with many sites. It is charged manually either before we pack your order, or once any questions (what to do about out-of-stock second choices, etc) about your order have been answered and you've indicated you would like to proceed.


We do not accept PayPal currently.

In the meantime, we're fully PCI compliant! This is a credit card industry standard for card security, and means it is safe to shop with us using your credit card.


Please Make Sure You Give Us A Valid Address!

If a parcel is bounced back to us because of a problem with your address - or because you are not there to receive it, you are responsible for paying the reship freight.

USPS Orders

We ship USPS packages every day, Monday thru Saturday. USPS does not provide service on Sunday.

Returns, Refunds, Cancelations

We do not issue refunds for items that are refused, bounced back to us due to address issues or returned to us randomly. Please do not randomly send merchandise back to us. Any parcels that come in without authorization will be discarded and you will not be refunded.

If we send you an item that is not what you ordered, we will make it right! We are easy to contact via email and we will always work to make sure you're happy.

We are unable to take returns of anything featured on our website. Most of the items we sell are not suitable or legal for re-sale.

The overall idea here is "work with us!" Rather than simply sending something back without even contacting us, or worse, reversing your charge via your card issuer's website - contact us! We'll work out whatever issue you're having.


Privacy Statement

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