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Incense from India brand incense

Incense from India brand incense

Incense from India is the best Indian incense we have ever used. Each scent is very good quality and has a lasting and true scent. We burn this almost exclusively here at Amphigory, and have a lot of customers who have been buying these scents from us for years.

Quick tip: If you love Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa, look for the Durbar tag, any thing labelled with that has a similar undertone to it.

All Incense from India scents are just $2.30 per package for the standard sized package. They come packaged in a clear (biodegradable) cellophane package.

We do offer bulk packages for EVERY scent listed and many not listed. Those are priced individually as they're different prices for each quantity.

All incense are packaged by Gram weight. Because sticks are of variable weight, we cannot estimate how many sticks you will get per package. Generally 1 gram = 1 stick of incense, but this can widely vary.

D=Durbar  M=Masala  Ch=Charcoal  Co=Combination  W=Woodbase.
For explanations of these catagories, check out our incense information page.

Choose a random incense below for me! We will choose a random incense for you, if you order more than 1, we'll do our best not to duplicate =) This is likely going to be one of our favorite incenses that we think you should try based on either other fragranced items in your order or what we're feeling like you would enjoy.
Sampler #2 Sampler of Sandalwoods. (may include scents like Rainbow Mist, Ancient Wisdom, Red Sandalwood, Tibetan Sandalwood) 12 sticks.
Sampler #3 Sampler of Durbars. (may include scents like African Spice, Red Poppies, Meditation, Nirvana) 8 (ish) sticks.
Sampler #4 Sampler of Ambers. (may include scents like Amber Extra, Snow Apricot, Crystal Amber and Amber Essence) 12 (ish) sticks.
Sampler #5 Sampler of Masalas. ( May include scents like Turkish Delight, Golden Rain, White Lotus) 14 (ish) sticks
African Spice A rich heady spiced incense. Not powdery, so it's less sweet-spice-cookie, more spice rack. 8g.
Amber Extra An earthy exotic Indian amber. Combination, 12g.
Amber Resin True amber, not overly sweet, made with ground amber. Durbar, 7g.
Ambrosia A soft, yet potent nag champa-like fragrance - truly food of the gods and goddesses. Surprisingly spiced, I said to my husband that I couldn't wait for him to smell this incense when he got home. Soft and lively. Durbar, 8g.
Arabian Nights Bittersweet tart floral. Charcoal, 13g
Bazaar Outdoors at an Indian market, thick champa sticks with amber and floral tones. Masala, 16g
Bedroom Special A warm, sweet floral with some spice; exotic and heady; a best seller for years. If you leave the room and come back, you'll smell a base of deep rich coffee/chocolate. Wonderful scent! Charcoal, 10g
Ceylon Tea A light woody champa scent, mixed in with the champa is an exotic black tea-like aroma. Slight bits of orange and chocolate in the background. Combination, 8g
Cherry Champa A cherry-like perfume highlights a unique durbar base comprised of notes of sandalwood and herbs. Durbar, 11g
Cinnamon Rich warm cinnamon. Charcoal, 13g
Clove The heady scent of ground cloves. Charcoal, 14g
Crystal Amber One of our customers calls this the truest amber they've ever experienced. Sharp, tart, and woody with a touch of sweet amber; distinctive and multidimensional. Masala, 14g
Desert Flower A dry, yet sweet penetrating floral. A dry champa, that's floral and slightly 'green', but it's a very dry green/floral (hence the desert in the name). This lingers a woody/sweet/champa for hours after burned. Durbar, 8g
Dragons Blood When you can't burn it on charcoal yourself, this is the next best thing - very close to the pure smell of dragon's blood resin. Charcoal, 24g
Emerald Sea Mild soft ruh khus, vanilla note. This one is very unique, if you like soft lightly 'green' scents with tones of vanilla you should try this one. Combination, 10g
Enchanted Garden Wonderfully fresh smells of sweet peas and other blooms, but with a green tone. Smells like a dew covered spring garden, and ends with a fabulous rose scent. Combination, 4g
Exquisite Sandalwood Thick sticks with rich sandalwood scent with undertones of exotic flowers. Masala, 4g
Fantasy Sweet rich wonderful powdery vanilla-toned champa. Durbar, 12g
Golden Amber Rich and sweet amber resin. Combination, 6g
Golden Benzoin Sweet and true benzoin scent. 13g
Golden Champa Thick sticked and rich champa. Durbar, 6g
Golden Frankincense Pretty much the closest to the scent of pure burning Frankincense you can get. Durbar, 4g
Golden Goddess Probably the purest amber incense we carry. Masala, 6g
Golden Myrrh Rich and beautiful myrrh. Combination, 16g
Golden Sandalwood A totally unique sandalwood bouquet; sweet and resinous with vanilla like overtones. Combination, 8g
Golden Vanilla A warm sweet vanilla incense. Charcoal, 15g
Harvest Moon The makers describe this as "Citrus blossoms in the heat of the night", but this smells just like the magickal supply store (Bell Book and Candle) I used to frequent when I went to college. Sweet, grounded, lovely! Combination, 14g
Honey Dust Should be standard issue to all incense lovers, a rich, sweet incense that does have the scent of honey. One of our very favorite scents, try it! Durbar, 5g
Indian Summer Soft and powdery - warm and earthy. Durbar, 8g
Jamaican Coconut The scent of fresh coconut. Charcoal, 15g
Maharaja Ah,a rich champa that's got the sweetness of Honey Dust, the resinousness of Bazaar, but has a stronger deeper resinous note. This one is the one you burn when you want the room to smell wonderful for hours after. Durbar, 5g
Mango A uniquely fruity Durbar incense, this is sweet, powdery and fruity all at the same time. This even burns fruity and leaves a sweet clean afterscent. Durbar, 4g
Mountain Rain Fresh and piney with a note of mountain flowers. Charcoal, 13g
Natural Lilac Imagine...spring, outdoors, lilacs in bloom.... Charcoal, 14g
Oakmoss Semi-sweet earthy aroma suitable for daily use, very calming. Some nice light herbal notes. Charcoal, 10g
Opium Extra Spicy, rich, warm, and evocative. Charcoal, 12g
Oriental Sandalwood Fresh Sandalwood with floral notes, like the ones found at Asian boutiques. Charcoal, 13g
Patchouli Extra THE Patchouli, rich and medium dry and full! Combination, 13g
Pure Patchouli Dry and beautiful patchouli Charcoal, 9g
Pure Sandalwood A true charcoal based sandalwood scent, warm and inviting. This is the nearest scent that exists to the mourned Ancient Temple Incense from India incense. If you liked that, you may love this one too! Charcoal, 9 grams.
Pure Violet A delicate violet balanced with a hint of rose, this is the most truly Violet incense that we carry. The rose is subtle to our nose. Masala, 6g
Purple Lilac A soft and fragrant lilac perfume; the delicate bouquet lingers. Charcoal,10g
Queen of Violets A gentle, yet clearly violet fragrance. To us this smells like violets blooming boldly in a garden of mixed sweet flowers with a very very slight amount of sweet pea in the background. Charcoal,13 g
Rain Forest A fresh, clean, pure, vitalizing pine fragrance. Charcoal, 15g
Red Poppies Rich full bodied 'red' incense. If you are a fan of red incenses, you will not be disappointed! Durbar, 15g
Red Sandalwood It's own distinctive sandalwood variation, sweet and slightly dry. 7g
Saffron This smells like a finely spiced Indian desert - tones of Saffron, cardamom, and other Indian spices - this is a sweet yet dry incense. Fans of Indian food will detect the notes of Saffron in this that make it a truly exceptional incense. Masala, 9g
Serenity Distinguished by a generous portion of high quality sandalwood which remains present in a complex resinous bouquet. We get some amber from this as well, truly exquisite. Combination, 5g
Silver Temple Sweet sexy champa with YlangYlang, Patchouli and musk tones. Completely sexy and wonderful! Durbar, 4g
Sin Sweet, passionate, and dreamy. Charcoal, 10g
Sizzle A very dry wood with cedar, patchouli, sandalwood and camphor notes to it. Leaves a herby sandalwood afterscent, one of our favorites. Masala, 16g
Snow Apricot Fruity, rich and perfect! Has thick sticks that last a very long time, and a very very fruity almost tropical scent with a Masala/Champa/Sandalwood tone to it that lingers for a long time after it's stopped burning. I could write volumes on this incense, but if you like tropical fruit incense (the *good* kind!) and/or love champas, your nose will thank you for trying this one! Durbar, 9g
Strawberry Fields Standing in a strawberry patch with the sun shining gently down on ripening strawberries. Combination, 15g
Suraj Sandalwood A soft, woody and sweet sandalwood. Woodbase, 13g
Sweet Herb Slightly sweet blend of herbs. Combination, 10g
Tahitian Vanilla A perfect, quality vanilla bean scent with tones of coconut and other exotic scents. Charcoal, 15g
Three Kings The classic resinous high church incense blend. Semi-spicy frankincense/benzoin resin on a stick. Masala, 14g
Tibetan Jasmine It is said this fragrance is closest to a true jasmine. Combination, 9g
Tibetan Musk A soft and lovely musk. Sweet but not overwhelming. Charcoal, 9g
Tibetan Pine Clean and refreshing, like a fine pine mist. High altitude green airy pine/mountain flowers. Charcoal, 13g
Tropical Sun Rich, dry and warming - like a welcoming sun on the sandy shores of an exotic beach. 8g
Turkish Delight A soft woody sandalwood backed by a bit of saffron, herbs and high altitude floral notes. Soft, but not powdery, this is a light but complex sandalwood scent. A new favorite here! Masala, 12g
Wild Rose A mellow and totally Indian rose, this has a very pure rose scent with the sweet dusky undertone that Indian roses are adored and prized for. A must-get for rose fans! Combination, 15g
Ylang Ylang A sweet and elusive floral, Ylang Ylang is unique from most other floral scents - once you get bitten by tye Ylang-bug, you can't get enough of it!. 7g

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