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diy incense stick burner

Aren't you tired of seeing the same incense burners day after day - it's usually brass, or maybe shesham wood - and they're fine - but what about other materials options? Glitter? Colors?

It's time to make your own stick incense burner! You can make this as cheap or expensively as you like - here's what we did for our purple glittery creation above! It's easy easy easy!

You will need the following materials:

1. A glass or stone plate/tile whatever. You need it to be flat and it needs to not be something that will phoof into flame if a burning ash falls on it. I got the glass plate above for less than a dollar at a hobby store

2. Fimo/clay that won't dry completely. Fimo's pretty cheap - $2.50 a package, I bought one in silver and one in purple and only used about 1/4 of each to make the purple swirl thingie. You will put your incense sticks into this, so you will not bake/fire the clay to make it hard, you'll keep it soft so you can poke holes for whatever sticks you choose to burn in it.

3. Something to decorate the underside of your clear plate with, if you go that way. You can decorate the topside, of course, but you'll be cleaning incense ash out of whatever you decorate with. I got some glitter and glue that dries clear for the underside of my glass plate.

Burners almost don't get simpler to make than this:

1. Decorate the plate/tile (if you're using a plate/tile)! Make it simple or complex, just remember that you have to clean the ash off of it eventually!

2. Put your fimo glob in the middle. Keep it thick enough to secure the bottom of the stick

3. Voila - you're done! If you're looking for some good incense to burn, we hope you'll consider some of the scents we carry:

Incense from India brand Incense - many scents from Dragons Blood and Cinnamon - to Honey Dust, mmm!


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