We collect personal information on this site for the purpose of order fulfillment. If you place an order from us, you will be asked for your name and your shipping address. This information is required so that we can ship your order to you -- there is no way we can ship an order without knowing where to ship it to and who to address it to.

The shipping information you provide is stored in a small file on YOUR COMPUTER, referred to as a "cookie". This cookie contains only the information you provide on the shipping information form, and is set to ONLY be sent to our server, www.amphigory.com.  Your browser will not send this cookie to any other server.  The information is stored so that, if you choose to order from us again, your shipping information will automatically fill in for you.

We also use another cookie to build up your order as you add items to your shopping cart. This cookie is also set to only be sent to our server, and contains only a list of items in your cart.  It is set to be deleted upon exit from your browser.

If you choose to pay for your order via a credit card, you will be directed to a Secure URL. This URL is accessed via Secure Sockets Layer, the standard for secure connections on the Internet.  Your browser will verify this via the "secure" icon on the bottom status bar (most browsers show a "lock" icon near the address bar indicating a secure connection). You will then be asked for your credit card number, expiration date, and CVV#. This is then used to securely run your charge via our merchant processor.

We do not, will not, and would not, ever sell, rent, lease, trade, lend, loan, give, or otherwise share or transmit, any of your personal information to any other party for any reason. To do so would violate your privacy and your trust in us, and would, from a business standpoint, make no sense as we would be assisting someone in competing with us. We respect your privacy, and we value our business standing.

If you do not place an order, no information of any kind is ever collected.


Privacy Statement

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