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Perfume oils have been used for centuries to fragrance our bodies and our hair - and they're more popular today than ever! If you feel sometimes that all perfumes nowadays 'smell the same' and want to try something that may last longer on you and is a little more unique, you may want to give one of the Oils from India a try!

Though these are blended for the American connoisseur, the fragrances are uniquely Indian. If you are a fan of Indian incenses, you are in for a treat and will recognize the scents/undertones of many of these oils!

The 'Oils from India' brand scents below are $10.00 each for a 5mL glass bottle with a dipping stick. These are pure blends of fragrance oils, so all you need is a little dab of the applicator stick to the wrist - these bottles of scent last a very long time! (To answer a frequently asked question: None of these scents are tested on animals or use animal-derived ingredients).

amber essence oil from india
Amber Essence - Sweet, powdery, warm and rich scent. This is a warm, but relatively light somewhat floral Amber scent.
ambrosia oil from india
Ambrosia - a soft Ambergris-type bouquet, this is light but musky with some light floral notes. By far our best selling fragrance oil.
black sandalwood oil from india
Black Sandalwood - Sandalwood mixed with some spice and resinous notes. A somewhat sweet sandalwood, not as sweet as our Golden Sandalwood
champa oil from india
Champa - Rich and wonderful Champa, similar to the scent of Nag Champa.
cinnamon oil from india
Cinnamon - Spicy and sweet, not too strong. This is more of a hot and red cinnamon scent, as opposed to some other more earthy cinnamons.
dragon's blood oil from india
Dragon's Blood - Blended from 4 essential and fine fragrance oils, this is the closest oil version of Dragon's Blood resin that we've ever smelled. Dry, sweet, firey to give you the strength and tenacity of a dragon!
egyptian musk oil from india
Egyptian Musk - A blend of Amber, Sandalwood, Frakincense, Aloeswood and Musk notes, with more notes coming in and fading out over time. Complex and rich.
egyptian rose oil from india
Egyptian Rose - Rose blend, this has light notes of incense resins in it. The top note of this is pure rose/rose water, with the resinous notes on the bottom.
exotic nights oil from india
Exotic Nights - Lusty, warm (spicy), clean, highly perfumed floral with an exquisite finish.
frangipani oil from india
Frangipani - A sweet, light, 'white smelling' floral. Very sweet, and purely floral.
frankincense oil from india
Frankincense - The wonderful smell of pure frankincense.
garden of angels oil from india
Garden of Angels - Heady Jasmine, sweet pea, white floral, plus a mix of other floral tones.
golden champa oil from india
Golden Champa - Fashioned after the aroma of burning Nag Champa incense, it has a wonderful amber like floral bouquet. Not heavy or harsh, very light and lovely!
golden myrrh oil from india
Golden Myrrh - Matches our super popular Golden Myrrh incense, this is a rich 'golden' style perfume oil but with a slight myrrh groove in the background. Not too sharp, as myrrh can be, but very smooth and elegant.
golden sandalwood oil from india
Golden Sandalwood - Unique Sandalwood scent - includes scents of vanilla, and other sweet and resinous tones. If you love sandalwood perfumes with sweet notes them, as opposed to dry sandalwoods, this is your oil.
golden vanilla oil from india
Golden Vanilla - Smells exactly how it sounds, just a wonderful scent!
honeysuckle oil from india
Honeysuckle - A heady honeysuckle/floral blend, this is the smell of honeysuckle blooms in the sunshine.
jamaican coconut oil from india
Jamaican Coconut - Rich and savory; Freshly toasted coconut.
lavender oil from india
Lavender - a blend of lavender with herbal tones.
night jasmine oil from india
Night Jasmine - Heady and clean night-blooming Jasmine scent
Opium Extra oil from india
Opium Extra - Spicy floral, rich, warm and evocative; similar to the popular perfume.
passion oil from india
Passion - Soft, warm, sensuous floral musk fragrance.
patchouli extra oil from india
Patchouli Extra - A mix of Patchouli's from different locations which produces a rich earthy patchouli experience.
pure patchouli oil from india
Pure Patchouli - A blend of the lighter patchoulis, very rich. If you want a darker more earthy patchouli experience, try Patchouli extra
rose water oil from india
Rose Water - Mmm, pure wonderful rose, not overdone and cloying, but just.. mm, rose.
sandalwood oil from india
Sandalwood - Beautiful aroma of pure woody sandalwood.
sandalwood supreme oil from india
Sandalwood Supreme - Rich, warm and sweet sandalwood blend, with highlights of citrus scents.
seven mysteries oil from india
Seven Mysteries - Sharp and complex floral mix
snow apricot oil from india
Snow Apricot - Exotic sweet perfume with hints of sandalwood. A deeper champa scent than the Golden Champa.
strawberry fields oil from india
Strawberry Fields - Sweet and fruity strawberry, to match the incense!
tibetan jasmine oil from india
Tibetan Jasmine - True jasmine with interesting notes of air and supporting white flowers.
tibetan pine oil from india
Tibetan Pine - If you were going to be someplace exotic, under a fir-type tree in the morning mists, I imagine this is what it would smell like. Not even a bit of harsh pine notes, it's a softer true pine experience.
white ginger oil from india
White Ginger - Mmmm, the luscious heady scent of ginger flowers!
white musk oil from india
White Musk - Light soft white musk, not heavy at all.
wildflower oil from india
Wildflower - Lovely lavender, with other floral notes (but lavender is the most prominent)

If you have sensitive skin, these oils should be fine for you, but be sure to do a patch test first and be prepared to dilute them in Almond or another carrier oil

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