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If you love to burn stick incense, you'll need an incense burner.

glittery jewelled stick incense burners

Jeweled incense burners. Assorted shapes and colors, but all with pretty little jewels and plenty of embedded glitter to help your incense burning experience be a sparking one. =) Can burn sticks or cones. Random shape and color, we'll try to pick one that we think you'll love. Approx 1 3/4 inches in diameter.

Jeweled incense burner - $2.00

incense stick burner burner

Pretty wooden stick incense burner, this is an essential basic for your incense burning collection. This goes with any decor and it has little fancy dot/leaf cut outs. Approx 11 inches long.

Carved dot incense burner - $1.50

tibetan incense box burner

Tibetan Box burner. This burns all different diameter of sticks, prop the stick up in-between the rungs of the lattace to burn. Excellent for all sizes from the skinniest of Indian incenses to the thickest Tibetan sticks. Approx 12 inches long.

Tibetan Box incense burner - $9.50

curved leaf inlay incense burner
Curved Leaf-inlaid incense burner. Curved incense burner with leaf-brass inlay. Approx 12 inches long.

Curved leaf-inlaid incense burner - $2.00

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