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Crazy Color is the Original and Best since 1977. The first semi permanent dye developed by Renato Brunas to express the spirit of the rising punk culture. Her color line inspired countless hair artists to consider the color as much as the cut. Perfected over the years with moisturizers such as avocado oil and raspberry seed oil that help seal the color into your hair for 10-12 washes.

Alchemy Gothic jewelry

crystal heart necklace by alchemy gothic
Crystal Heart necklace

Ivy League earrings by alchemy gothic
Ivy League earrings

black cherry studs, earrings by alchemy gothic
Black Cherry Studs


incense from india stick incense
Incense from Indian stick incense. Experience the rich scents of Clove, Honey Dust, Golden Champa and much more in our wide selection of incense


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