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Mountain Naturals resin stick incense

Resins have been used to celebrate special events and perfume our surroundings for thousands of years. The ritual of lighting your charcoal and burning resins, while beautiful and an important part of rituals, can be a bit.. time consuming for everyday.

Mountain Naturals Resin Sticks are very carefully created to give you the same scent experience that burning resins, woods or herbs on charcoal give

Mountain Naturals stick incense, close up

Each resin goes through a five to six step process before it goes onto the incense stick. Essential oils and resins are infused into the stick and then in the final part of the multi-step process, the stick is hand-rolled into the ground resin.

The process of creation is complex and time consuming.
What it gives to you is simplicity and pleasure.

This line is discontinued due to the demise of the person who used to create these scents for us all. What we list below is what we have in stock or what we can currently get from the distributor.

Each stick burns for 2 hours - so each package of Mountain Naturals Resin Sticks will give you 24 hours of scented pleasure. Each package of 12 sticks (lasting 24 hours) is $11.90.

mountain naturals stick resin incense package photo

light, sweet, warm and powdery; healing, uplifting, 'nectar of the gods'.

sweet green floral, scent of pine; healing, energizing, uplifting.

sweet, dry, woody; aphrodisiac, stimulating.

sweet, buttery aroma; sacred, uplifting.

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