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I keep hearing how you should use a comb and not a brush on wigs. Now, it's not that I don't trust the advice or the people who give it - but I always have to experiment.

Above is a Femme Fatale style wig in light pink. It's made out of Kanekalon fiber.

The ends started out just as wig ends should, non frayed and nice. The brush I used for the experiment was a 6 row non-plastic tipped 'wig brush'. The comb I used was a plastic detangling comb.

Each side got brushed or combed 400 strokes. When I did the first run, I just ripped through the wig with the brush/comb if I got any resistance, just to really see a worst case scenario.

The comb damage is on the left, the brush damage is on the right. Both of them make the wig look pretty mangy, and certainly a lot of wig fiber was shed doing it the 'really assertive detangle now or else' way. The comb damage was much greater than the brush damage, but the comb also had the teeth relatively closer together, so it was harder to get it through the wig fiber without using brute force.

The 2nd trial I did the brushing very gently with both the brush and comb.

The Comb swatch is on the left and the brush swatch is on the right. Both wig patches were pretty close in damage, there wasn't too much damage on either of them - the ends of the fiber felt only very slightly fuzzy

I only use narrow brushes on wigs with metal spokes (I'm going to ASSume that the wider a brush is, the more likely it can get semi-tangled in a wig and pull hair loose), some people prefer them tipped and some prefer them without the plastic tips. The plastic tips are supposed to be scalp safe, and I'm not sure about your wig heads or wig blocks, but mine have *never* yelped in pain - so I use a tipless brush.

This was in no way a scientific test - for instance, how would a comb with the teeth as far apart as my brush peform? Probably the best conclusion I can see is to be VERY gentle no matter if you use a brush or comb on your wig. And remember to use your detangling agent of choice, so that in the midst of trying to get a wig to do really_uber_impossible_style_01 you don't start ripping into it like a deranged howler monkey.

This is just a log of my experiences - your own experience may vary. I always assume that you are very experienced and I'm a n00b, but I write as if I'm confidently talking to you. It doesn't mean that I know everything. =) Be gentle with your wig and always have fun! =)


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