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Resins, woods, gums and other compounds have been laboriously created and burned for centuries - some burn them for the pure pleasure of enjoying the scent and some may have other reasons - but all of us resin-fans agree about our joy and sometimes obsession over our 'favorites'. =)

How to use: Pick the resin of your choice - you will also need a charcoal burner, a heat safe tile to place under it (important! This will all get VERY hot!), sand for your burner, and charcoal to use. Light your charcoal (with lighter or match), place it on the sand in the burner and wait for the charcoal to heat up. Your resin, ever so little at a time!, will go on the hot charcoal and release it's aroma.

All of the items below are in resin or small chunk form unless otherwise specified. $4.50 per package.

Christmas Blend - Frankincense and Myrrh blend. 3/4oz net weight

Frankincense and Myrrh - Frankincense and Myrrh blend (mostly Frankincense). 1 oz net weight

Dark Amber - Rich, sweet and warm amber. Net weight 1/12 oz.

Celestial Amber - Sweet slightly floral amber. Net weight 1/8 oz.

Dragon's Blood - Semi Sweet and spicy. Net weight 1/3oz.

White Copal - Very pure copal scent, like an herbally sweet myrrh. Net weight 1/4oz

Celtic Blend - Frankincense and myrrh with other mixed resins and a scent of lavender. Net weight 3/4oz.

Champa - (powdered) Pure rich powdered champa blend. If you love Nag Champa and similar incenses, you will enjoy this! Net weight 1/2 oz.

The Gear - what you need to start burning and enjoying your resin incense!

You put your sand in this burner, place the charcoal on either the sand and leave the screen off, or put it on the screen, follow the lighting instructions and enjoy =)

This includes a wood disc to protect the table top from the burner. This is not enough. Get yourself something tiley and fire safe. Your furniture will thank you!

Brass Charcoal Screen burner - $8.00

Black Sand for your burner (No photo of this because, well, it's black sand. It's going to look.. black and sandy) - $3.00

Swift Light Charcoals are sold per roll of 10 tablets

Swift Lite Charcoal - small tablets - 1 roll of 10 tablets. $2.00 per roll.

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