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Eyes - Lips - Powder / Foundation - Nail Polish

Eyeshadow and eyeliner
Bold Effect Eyeshadow in Lagoon, light blue eyeshadow, tiny image
Bold Effects - Silky Smooth Eyeshadow
High pigment eyeshadow in colors ranging from bright to muted.
Glitter Eyeshadow in Holly Green, glitter green, tiny image
Glitter Eyeshadow
Glitter eyeshadows that sparkle and shine

Jaded green eyeliner pencil, tiny image
Pencil eyeliners
Eyeliner pencils in a selection of classic colors
Black cake eyeliner, tiny image
Black Cake Eyeliner
Cake Eyeliner is a timeless classic, ours is rich and smooth to apply

Eye endurance black liquid eyeliner, tiny image
Eye Endurance
Precision liquid eyeliner

Mascara / Bases and Fixatives / Eyelashes
Ultimate volume mascara, tiny image
Ultimate Volume Mascara
Add length and fullness with this volumizing formula

Eye and Lip Primer
Silky smooth primer for the eye and the lip area for long lasting eyeshadow and lipstick
Cake eyeliner sealant, tiny image
3am and Still Dancing sealant
Turn any eyeshadow into eyeliner

false eyelashes
False Eyelashes
Lipstick and Lipgloss
ll creme rich opaque lipgloss
LL Creme Lipgloss
Lipgloss with rich color in blue, purple, greens, yellows + traditional colors like pink, rose, red and more
matte black lipstick, tiny image
Matte Black Lipstick
Opaque Matte Black Lipstick
bold effects bright lipstick
Bold Effects Lipstick
Lipstick in shades of blue, purple, green, yellows and more.
Foundations / Powder / Concealer

triple milled fine loose powder
Loose Powder
Triple milled fine loose powder for a natural finish
pressed powder
Pressed Powder
Richly textured pressed powder in Oil Control/white and other natural shades

concealer wheel
Concealer Wheel
multiple concealers in one handy highly portable wheel
foundation toners in white and lavender
Foundation toners
Foundation toners available in white and several other colors

perfect finish foundation
Perfect Finish foundation
Soft focus powders and a wide color range make these foundations wonderful for light to medium coverage
Nail Polish
color club nail polish
Color Club Nail Enamels
Color Club Nail polish in a variety of colors and collections

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