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Innocent in 613 blonde, front view

Innocent? aka Little women II by Lacey Costume wigs

Pigtailed style, with a realistic pulled back look. I'm trying to describe this accurately, but I have to be a little biased here - this is an intensely cute ponytail wig. It will come to you with the bows you see in the photo - the ribbons cover the rubberbands on the pigtails. This wig is stretchiest on the sides, the sides near the back is where you should plan to put your hair in this wig.

Stylists note: This wig is restylable, the pigtails can be straightened with the hot water method and/or careful application of steam / heat. This wig should not be dyed, since it's surface treated in a way that makes the dye come out very spotty. This wig is made to fit the fullness of the head in the back, which is why it looks 'baggy' on a mannequin head. You have a lot of curve and bump in the back of your head - this wig is designed to accommodate that

With a light-flesh tone skin top and back (a plastic scalp, for those not in the know) from where the bangs end all the way to the back nape.

Cosplay uses: #22 for Maka from Soul Eater and Shinku from Rozen Maiden (add extension hair and pull the pigtails back into one huge long ponytail). #1 for an Anise cosplay (we've seen it with #6 too). Pink for Black Lady, Miwako Sakurada from Paradise Kiss. Light blue can be straightened and augmented for Sandra. Dark blue for Mayuka Masaki from Tenchi Muyo. #613 for Maka Albarn from Soul Eater and Shinku from Rozen Maiden.

$44.00 each.

Measurements: (measured with care, but we may be a little off)
Bangs length, from wig front to end of bangs: 3 inches.
Pigtail length from bow to tips: 10 inches

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Innocent in 613, front view Innocent pony tail wig in 613, side view Innocent wig  in 613, back view Innocent pony tail wig in color 1 Innocent ponytail wig in color 130 Innocent pigtail wig in color 6 Innocent ponytail wig in light pink Innocent pigtail wig in red Innocent in yellow Innocent ponytail wig in hot pink Innocent pigtail wig in light blue Innocent ponytail wig in dark blue Innocent ponytail wig with on side straightened Innocent ponytail wig inside view Innocent ponytail wig top view Innocent pigtails taken down, front view Innocent pigtails taken down, back view Innocent pigtails taken down, side view Innocent in a rushed single ponytail side view Innocent in a rushed single ponytail back view

swatch of wig color 613 platinum blonde #613
very light blonde
dark black
swatch of wig color 22 champagne blonde #22
medium blonde
swatch of wig color 130 bright red #130
henna red
swatch of wig color 6 chestnut brown #6
chestnut brown

The colors below this line are all fun, bright, 'clown', 'unnatural' (whatever you may term them) colors. No matter how they may look on your monitor, they don't match any color that sprouts naturally out of the scalp =)

swatch of wig color perky light pink Perky
light pink (this style runs more 'neutral' toned pink)
swatch of wig color ravished red Ravished
swatch of wig color power yellow Power
bright yellow
swatch of wig color daydream light blue Daydream
sky blue
swatch of wig color ultra perky hot pink Hot Pink
bright pink, redder than our usual Ultra Perky color
swatch of wig color electric indigo dark blue Dark Blue
Dark but bright indigo blue
swatch of wig color izzy dark purple Dark Purple
Dark but bright purple

All the color swatches are intended to show you the general color of each wig, we cannot guarantee the exact hue of the wig that you may receive due to manufacturing processes. Unless otherwise specified, wigs are one solid color and are not streaked - the swatches show you the natural color variation that occurs depending on what lighting you are in.

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