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After I cut bangs in the Enchantment wig I was working on, I wanted to put it up in anime style pony tails.

Then I saw the above (since the white of a wig head didn't realistically show what it would look like on someone's head, I put in some platinum blonde hair to simulate a light but real hair tone) holes in the back. These will happen on almost any non-street/passable-for-human-hair quality wig, in other words, almost any wig that you will get in an unusual color. If you get yours made custom by a wig shop, they will probably have already taken steps to eliminate any sparce spots (probably some of which are the same ones we mention below. ;) ). Stock wigs will usually have a skin-like top where the part of the hair is and a slightly sparcer back.

If your wig doesn't have a skin looking back, there's nothing that will make it have a skin looking back. There's certain things about wigs that you can't change, unless you actually take scissors to it and cut it, insert a 'wig in scalp' plastic insert and resew it up.

Honestly the sparce spots don't look that horrible, but we have some suggestions to make them a little more filled in. =) If you've tried something that we haven't, let us know and we'll add it to the list! =)

Color wig cap to match the wig color
This may be one of the easiest financially. If you have a wig cap to wear under your wig, dye it with RIT or another fabric dye that will adhere to whatever it's made out of. The base color of it will blend in with the hair color, making any holes much less noticable
Sew fabric on the inside
Sew fabric or dyed nylons on the inside of the back of the wig (or wherever you don't want your natural hair color to make an appearance).
Cannabalize another same colored wig - sewn on the inside
You can take another wig (preferably one that will blend well length-wise with your wig, for instance you'd probably want it long enough to be able to go into ponytains), chop out a section of it, and put it inside the wig. Then, taking a crochet hook or something similar, pull strands of it through. This will add more hair to the area and make it look more filled. Then you can handsew it into place on the inside of the wig.
Cannabalize another same colored wig - sewn on the outside
In this case, you take the thin strips that the hair is woven/sewn onto and sew them on the outside of the wig. Also excellent for covering sheerer spots in a wig, and has the advantage of looking like it was how the wig was supposed to look all along! =)
Cannaballize another same colored wig - sewn on the middle part line or on the bottom
Just how it sounds, sew strips from a wig onto what will be the center part until you have the desired thickness you'd like. Also great to sew onto the bottom nape of a wig.
Hide it!! =)
You could look at it this way - Does your character have a hat? Could she have a hat? A bow that she may wear on her ponytails that can be made to cover the back more? Almost any non-passable wig will have some sparcer spots so it's good to be prepared to disguise them.

I hope this got you thinking about ways to prepare for any hair peepthrough. =) If you are thinking of an Enchantment wig to be worn up and a slight wavier wig may be suitable, we recommend the Lucia. Generally it has more hair in the back and is very suited for an up-do.


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