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#26 - is a light blonde color. This is a step lighter than #22 and is more red-golden than #22. This is 1-2 steps lighter than #24B and more gold blonde and less red blonde than #24B. I know the middle photo is darker than the edge ones - like so many blondes, this one is very hard to capture accurately on film.

#26 is *way* lighter than #15 or #16.

This color is almost as light as #613, but because it's a blended color (made from blending a few different wig color fibers together) it looks more (in my opinion) realistic. #26 is 1 level or less darker than #613, but it has more reddish tones and more beige in it.

Despite the similar names, this color is not the same as the LG26 from the New Look line. New Look's LG26 is a shade darker and much much more golden than #26. This #26 is the same as the LG26 swatch that we have from the Forever Young line of wigs. (isn't that confusing?)


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