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Wig head clamps, t pins, wig heads, and plastic wig stands for your wig styling adventures!

t pins for wigs Tpins, to pin the wig to the foam head for more secure styling
T-pins (to secure the wig to the foam head) - $4.00 per box of 24
Wig Head holders
adjustable wig clamp Secure your wighead on this clamp (on the edge of a table) for steady styling.
Professional Adjustable wig clamp - $21.00
suction wig holder If you absolutely -have- to have a cheaper holder than the one above, this one will suction to a flat clean surface.. Holds a wig fairly stable if you can get a good suction on the table. =)
Wig suction holder - $9.50
Wig Heads
wig head

We can only currently send 1 wig head or wig stand per order, and cannot offer Airmail freight for any order that contains wig heads or the wig stands.
Pin your wig to this styrofoam head for storage or styling. With a stylised face that is slightly tilted to the side. Approximately 22 inches around, measured above the 'eyes'.
Standard Foam styrofoam wig head - $6.00
collapsible plastic wig stand Plastic wig stand, for times when you just need a nice place to rest your wig and aren't looking for something you can clamp to a table for heavy duty styling. Folds flat for storage, nice for travel. Black is shown, a random color will be sent to you. I cannot send via Airmail freight
Collapsible plastic wig stand - $4.50

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