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Wig Combs

jumbo tail comb
This is one long comb! The teeth run a healthy 5 inches of the comb (the full length of comb and handle is 11.5 inches) and are spaced 1/4inch apart. The lengthy tail of the comb can be used to do parting or pre-detangling duty.
Jumbo Tail Comb - $1.20
metal pintail tease comb
Great for teasing and making parts in a wig (the metal tail is easy to see and control). The comb is intensely fine toothed and ready for intense teasing duty! Also makes a nice finishing comb due to the narrow teeth.
Metal-Pintail tease comb - $1.60
We stand neutral in the feud between those who love using brushes on wigs and those who believe their use automatically causes frizz. We did our own test (results can be found here).

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