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Wig Caps and Wave Caps

We offer a variety of these for your different needs. And, if you are going to wear a wig, these are a need. Gotta control the wispies and keep your hair packed down as close to the scalp as possible!
blue wig wave cap

These are wave caps, they fit tighter then standard wig caps do. but they stretch out nicely to fit most standard size heads. Made of a nylon-type stocking material. $2.00 per 2 pack
royal blue wave wig cap
Royal Blue wig cap (2 per pack)
navy blue wave wig cap
Navy Blue wig cap (2 per pack)
red wave wig cap
Red wig cap (2 per pack)

White wig cap - (2 per pack)
light blue wave wig cap
Light Blue wig cap - (2 per pack)
yellow wave wig cap
Yellow wig cap - (2 per pack)
burgundy wave wig cap
Burgundy wig cap - (2 per pack)
purple wave wig cap
Purple wig cap - (2 per pack)
pink wave wig cap
Lt Pink wig cap - (2 per pack)
wig cap

Wig caps are made of a nylon-type stocking material. Super stretchy
Light Beige wig cap - $2.00
Pale Grey wig cap - $2.00
Dark Brown wig cap - $2.00
Black wig cap - $2.00
open top mesh wig caps
open top mesh wig cap

Some people prefer a lighter mesh net cap to wear under their wigs, this features an open top that you can bobby pin closed, or leave open.
Beige mesh open top wig cap - $2.00
Black mesh open top wig cap - $2.00

Weave caps

These aren't the same as nor are they interchangable with wig caps - they're for folks who are looking to sew a weave on or want to make a more elaborate wig/hair piece from scratch.

weave cap, front view
weave cap, side view

Weave caps in a medium size - the back of this features stretchy bands to adjust, just like wigs do =) The very observant may notice that my photos are of the *inside out* weave cap. Oops!...
Dark brown medium weave cap - $3.50
Light brown medium weave cap - $3.50

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