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These are some of the best incenses available from India - we have selected our very favorite scents from a vast selection of incense, and tried to describe them to the best of our ability. We hope you enjoy each and every one of these wonderful scents. =)

I make no apologies, almost!, that most of these incenses are champas/Durbars (like Nag Champa is). Champas are very popular and a lot of manufacturers for the US market in India are doing some beautiful things with champas! If they're not your thing, don't worry!, we still carry Samadhi and as we find more interesting non-Champa selections, we will add them here!

I love dragon's blood - but, in truth? Though we sell and use the resin, I'm also slightly lazy when it comes to wanting to smell what I want without the preamble of setting up charcoal to burn resin on. These dragon's blood incense cones are pretty close to burning the resin, with a slightly sweet smell to it. Complex and beautiful! These come with a small ersatz metal burner to put the cone on, but be sure to put a tile under it to keep your combustable surface from combusting.

Dragon's Blood Cones (10 per package) - $1.20

Aastha is a new star scent from Shrinivas Sugandhalaya, the makers of Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa and Super Hit and Satya natural. It's a beautiful sweet champa - very much in the vein of their Nag Champa, but without some of the notes in the Blue Nag Champa that may be too harsh. $0.90 per 8 stick box.

10g box - $0.90 each
35g box - $2.90 each

Super Hit

Satya Natural
$0.90 per 8 stick box
Wonderful sweet champa. To my nose, Super Hit finishes a little sweeter and the Satya Natural finishes a little more herbal.

40g Shanthimalai Nag Champa - $2.75
A Nag Champa that's a little bit drier and a little more woody than Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa above. Sales from this benefit the women in rural villages in India that make this and help them make a better life for themselves and their families.

15g Flora Nag Champa incense - $1.40
A champa that smells very, mmm, green! It's very refreshing and.. green (those fans of Indian incense will know what I mean - you can't describe 'green', it's just what it is!) and the fragrance will linger for awhile after it's been burned.

25g Sai Flora incense - $2.00
A rich wonderful floral champa - big thick sticks mean it takes longer to burn and releases a lot of fragrance that continues to linger a day or so after it's burnt. Incredibly wonderful.

Vinason's Chandan Cones - $3.50
The best sandalwood dhoop that we've found! 50g of dhoop per box

777 incense - $1.40
Previously Chandan 666, the name was changed to 777, but it's still the same wonderful woody sandalwood incense that you previously knew as 666.

Samadhi incense - $1.36
A very clean sweet incense, Samadhi has long been a favorite of ours. Some perfumed Indian incenses come off as a bit harsh, but this is very sweet and mellow.

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