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Hair dye:
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Sparks bright hair dye logo

Sparks color is a highly pigmented semi-permanent hair color that's long lasting (so long lasting that some people consider it permanent). 9 colors and 1 toner to pastel any shade leaves you with endless color combinations so you can have the hair color you've always dreamed of

Sparks hair dye is just $7.99 per 3oz tube. One tube of Sparks can dye the average head of hair, you may need more if your hair is thick or very long.

Sparks color camo green - color swatch
Sparks Color Camo Green
military camo olive green/TD>
Sparks color denim blue - color swatch
Sparks Color Denim Blue
blue jean baby denim blue
Sparks color night indigo - color swatch
Sparks Color Night Indigo
totally cool toned blue purple
Sparks color desert rose - color swatch
Sparks Color Desert Rose
dusty sweet lavender
Sparks color sugar plum - color swatch
Sparks Color Sugar Plum
deep rich purple magenta
Sparks color rose gold - color swatch
Sparks Color Rose Gold
rich rose toned gold
Sparks color nautical navy - color swatch
Sparks Color Nautical Navy
navy blue
Sparks color totally teal - color swatch
Sparks Color Totally Teal
brilliant turquoise blue
Sparks color silver mist - color swatch
Sparks Color Silver Mist
light silver grey
Sparks color lala Lavender - color swatch
Sparks Color LaLa Lavendar
light lavender
Sparks color purple passion - color swatch
Sparks Color Purple Passion
rich purple
Sparks color sunburst yellow - color swatch
Sparks Color Sunburst Yellow
sunny yellow
Sparks color electric blue - color swatch
Sparks Color Electric Blue
rich bright blue
Sparks color pink kiss - color swatch
Sparks Color Pink Kiss
light pink
Sparks color magenta mania - color swatch
Sparks Color Magenta Mania
brightest pink
Sparks color red hot - color swatch
Sparks Color Red Hot
bright red
Sparks color green ivy - color swatch
Sparks Color Green Ivy
rich green
Sparks color orange crush - color swatch
Sparks Color Orange Crush
bright orange
Sparks color rad raspberry - color swatch
Sparks Color Rad Raspberry
raspberry pink
Sparks color mermaid blue - color swatch
Sparks Color Mermaid Blue
rich teal blue
Sparks color key lime - color swatch
Sparks Color Key Lime
bright green lime
Sparks color red velvet - color swatch
Sparks Color Red Velvet
rich deep red
Sparks color wild flamingo - color swatch
Sparks Color Wild Flamingo
bright pink
Sparks color starbright silver - color swatch
Sparks Color Starbright Silver
silver grey

Sparks color box Sparks crystal clear
Sparks Color Crystal Clear
mix this with any color above to lighten it to pastel, or use on bleached hair to counteract yellow/red tones

With Sparks hair colors and Sparks Crystal Clear, you can create a rainbow of custom colors

To get it bright, you must prebleach! If you want pastel hair, it's especially important that it's super light before you start tinting it!

Sparks powder lightener and developer. These mix together to create bleach that lifts your hair from black/brown to orangey blonde (7 levels)
Sparks powder lightener
Sparks powder lightener, mix with the developer below.
Sparks developer
Sparks 20 volume developer, mix with the powder lightener above

L'Oreal Quick Blue powder lightener lifts your hair up approximately 7 levels. For the professionals who demand a high quality hair bleach!
Loreal quick blue 1oz packet bleach lightener for hair
L'Oreal Quick Blue Powder lightener bleach pack. Mix with developer to get your perfect pre-dye bleached / blonde hue! 1oz 'single serving' (so to speak) size. For professional use only.
Loreal Oreor creme developer
L'Oreal Oreor developers to mix wiht your Quick Blue Powder Lightener powder bleach. For professional use only.
L'Oreal Oreor 20 volume developer 16oz bottle
L'Oreal Oreor 30 volume developer 16oz bottle. The most popular volume to use, so we carry the larger size for you. 16oz.
L'Oreal Oreor 40 volume developer 8oz bottle

Things you may want to know before you dye with Sparks long lasting bright hair dye

Dye application helpers (tint brushes, applicator bottles, caps and nitrile gloves!)

Dy-zoff hair color remover lotion Dy-zoff hair color remover lotion
Dy-Zoff hair color remover lotion is specially formulated to get stubborn hair dye stains off your skin. You want the dye on your hair, not your neck, ears, hands, face! 12 oz applicator bottle.

$9.99 per 12oz bottle.

clear dye tint bleach bowl with ounce markings
Don't use your kitchen bowls for your hair dye or bleach! /handstapleforehead This clear tint / dye / bleach bowl has measurement markers, for precise measuring of your developer and dye. Clear so you can see what's going on and make sure you get it clean before your next dye/bleach adventure.

$3.99 per clear bowl.

Large Tint or bleach brush Small Tint or bleach brush tint brush with attached comb
Large Tint brush. The width of the bristles is 2.25 inches. Available singly or in a package of 1 dozen.

$1.99 each
$12 per dozen package
Small Tint brush - really nice for doing streaks (or maybe you just want a smaller brush!). The width of the bristles is 1.5 inches Available singly or in a package of 1 dozen

$1.99 each
$9 per dozen package
3-in-one tint brush. Part with the long tail, comb where you're going to apply, apply color with the brush, and repeat.

$1.50 each
vinyl gloves long nitrile gloves dye processing cap
Vinyl Gloves. Essential when using tints, bleaches or anything else you don't want all over your hands. $1.00 per pair

Extra Large vinyl gloves
Large vinyl gloves
Medium vinyl gloves
Small vinyl gloves
Long Nitrile gloves, these go over your wrists to keep your wrists/arms cleaner when tinting long hair.

$1.30 per pair
Clear processing cap to use for your semi-perm dye or bleach.

$0.50 each
frosting cap highlighting hook 4oz mixer bottle
Highlighting/Frosting cap You put the cap on, and you poke holes in it. You pull the strands of hairs through and... Bleach them! Dye them! This makes highlighting hair without getting it all over your non-highlighty hair a *lot* easier $1.70 each. Highlighting hook / Frosting hook Very handy for spearing and pulling through exactly the strands of hair you want to bleach / frost / highlight / dye.

$1.70 each.
4oz easy squeezy applicator bottle. For precision application of bleach or dye.


We now have a Semi-Perm Hair Dye FAQ with the most frequent questions we get about semi-perm dyes, and our answers. Read this first before Emailing us with questions, it's a good chance your question is answered here.

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