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black color view lipstick packagingSteel Heart is a matte pale grey (light gray) lipstick with high color pigment payoff Matte deep grey lipstick London on the left and matte light gray lipstick Steel Heart on the right
London dark matte grey lipstick is shown on the left and Steel Heart light matte gray lipstick is shown on the right.
Matte light grey lipstick Steel Heart shown on the lips
Steel Heart pale grey matte lipstick is a highly pigmented light gray lipstick that goes on smoothly and moisturizes your lips as you wear it. Some grey lip colors have a very pronounced color tone to them (usually green or blue). This is so pale that it seems like a true neutral grey to me.

In addition to being used to give yourself grey lips for everyday or another cosplay or costume, this color would work for a light grey Karkat Vantas from Homestuck lip look

Steel Heart comes in the newer black color view packaging shown above and to the left.

Steel Heart Matte Light Gray Lipstick - $10.00

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