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shortcake is a lipstick that's a coral orange with high color pigment payoff. This is a photo of the lipstick in packagingstick photo of coral orange matte lipstick cupcake with high color pigment payoff salmon matte lipstick shortcake.  Pictured is a swatch of the color on white papershortcake orange matte lipstick. This is the manufacturer photo of the color
Above left is a swatch of Shortcake on white paper, above right is manufacturer photo of this color. The color originally looked like a deep russet orange in the manufacturer's photo, we edited their photo to reflect that it's a brighter warmer orange color.
cupcake warm pink matte and shortcake warm coral orange lipstick swatches
Above is (left to right) Cupcake matte warm pink lipstick and Shortcake. Cupcake is quite a bit more pink then the more orange matte lipstick Shortcake.

Shortcake lipstick is a warm coral orange matte lipstick. Some may see this and call it salmon, orange or coral - and neither of them are wrong. I think of this as a bright and non-muddied pretty springtime orange. Though this is a matte lipstick, I think this particular shade is more of a semi-matte. This color is quite warm, if you are a 'Spring' (in color-season terms) or find that most pinks are too cool toned for you, and some oranges are too bright for you, you'll probably really love this bright warm orange color. It's bright, but it's not neon bright.

If you have darker skin, this will be a very dramatic color on you unless you apply it lightly. If you have light skin, it's the intensity and clarity of the orange that give this shade a little bit of drama. It's perfect for spring

I have seen this shade used a lot for Cosplay lip looks. It's slightly more orange then most 'doll like' cosplay lips I've seen, but if you tend to run a bit warmer toned, this will be a bit more flattering on you then a pink

Our rich matte lipstick formula smooths on your lips, is easy to apply and moisturizes your lips while you wear it.

Shortcake matte lipstick is packaged in a black color view packaging as shown above left. Wonderful so you can see what color you're pulling out of your makeup bag!

Shortcake matte lipstick - $10.00

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