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Fireside is a warm red brown red lipstick with high color pigment payoff. This is a photo of the lipstick in packagingstick photo of wearable brown red lipstick Fireside with high color pigment payoff Fireside matte warm red lipstick. This is the manufacturer photo of the color
Above is the factory's photo of this lip color, color corrected so that it's accurate.

Fireside warm brown red matte lipstick next to paso doble cool toned red lipstick swatches
Above is (left to right) Fireside warm brown red matte lipstick on the left and Paso Doble lush medium cool toned red lipstick on the right.

Fireside is a beautiful browned down red warm toned red matte lipstick. This is what you'd also call a wearable red lipstick, the browning down of the color flatters many skintones more than just a full saturated red would. Fireside is warm, bright but not too bright and gives you what I call the French red lip look. You know the ladies who are always said to be 'from France' that have a lovely red lip and a dewy natural look? This looks like the natural brown-red lip color they'd wear

I have naturally very dark pink lips, and this color comes out on me true to the stick - a firey but browned down lip color. This color will look a little different on everyone depending on not only your skintone, but the natural color of your lips. Warm or skin-tones that go well with warm colors will blossom and glow with this lip color on. Purely cool toned complexions may find better luck with Paso Doble lush medium cool toned matte red lipstick

If you have darker skin, this will contrast a firey but toned-down red. If you have light skin, this color is warm and dramatic against your more pale skin

Our rich matte lipstick formula smooths on your lips, is easy to apply and moisturizes your lips while you wear it (in these days of adding this line of matte lipstick to our website and photographing them on myself, my lips have never felt softer.

Fireside matte lipstick is packaged in a black color view packaging as shown above left. Wonderful so you can see what color you're pulling out of your makeup bag!

Fireside matte lipstick - $10.00

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