Guild Sites
   -Darkmoon - Xegony
   -Dark Legion - Xegony
   -Disciples of Chaos - Quellious
   -Shadowdark Assembly - Terris Thule
   -Nation of Eridine - Luclin
   -Delharen D'oloth - Veeshan
   -Dead Humans Society - The Nameless
   -Dark Times - Xegony
   -Shadowclan - Povar
   -Tower of Hate - Bertoxxulous
   -Intempestia Nox - Karana
   -Carpe Noctem - Innoruuk
   -Mercenaries for Hire - Brel Serilis
   -Conclave of the Damned - Seventh Hammer
   -Imperium of Z - Valon Zek
General EQ Sites
   -EQ Stratics
   -Mythiran Tower - Research Info
   -EQMaps - A great map site
Specific Race/Class Sites
   -The Clerics of Hate
   -The Shaman's Crucible
   -The Knight Watch
   -Divinia's Den - SK Site
   -The Darkened Path - SK Site

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