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Beautiful drawstring hairpieces to add on to your natural hair. Who hasn't wanted a long luscious ponytail, or to temporarily have a shorter or highlighted 'tail? These can serve as a pretty nice base for your own hairpiece creations too =)

How to use these drawstring hairpieces: Put your hair up into a bun, your goal is to make it very budge proof. So, pin pin pin it so it doesn't move. Each drawstring piece has 1-2 combs in it, and a drawstring (sometimes one drawstring for each side. Mush the combs into the top and bottom of the well-pinned base of your bun and pull the drawstring super tight and hide the string underneath. Pin more as needed. Voila!

Drawstring hairpieces

12 inches long
16-18 inches long
16-18 inches long
21.5-23 inches long
LT 35 dredlock hairpiece LT23 ponytail drawstring hairpiece


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