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Our customer come back to us for our selection of hair pins, U pins, bobby pins and other hair attachment needs. We sell pins that are useful for putting hair into buns/updos, for wig styling, and for just putting your hair up/back under your wig.


Hair pins (also called u pins) that you can use for styling buns, braids or formal up-dos/hairstyles. Or, use to pin your hair to itself when you're smooshing it down before you put your wig cap on.

Our black hair pins match black, and dark brown hair very nicely. Bronze u pins match medium to light brown / dark blonde hair. Our very popular silver hair pins match silver, salt and pepper and white hair.

u hair pins
1 3/4inch hairpins - 100 count/package. $3.20 per package
Black U shape hairpins - 1 3/4 inch
Silver U shape hairpins - 1 3/4 inch
Bronze U shape hairpins - 1 3/4 inch

hair pins
2 inch hairpins - 40 count/package. $3.20 per package
Black U shape hairpins - 2 inch
Silver U shape hairpins - 2 inch
Bronze U shape hairpins - 2 inch

bulk silver hair pins
1 3/4 inch hairpins - 1 lb of them! $16.00 per package
Bulk 1 pound package silver U shape hairpins

Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are really nice for pinning back the 'whispies' that may pop up from an updo, french braid or other bun / pulled-back hairstyle.

mini bobby pins
Bobby Pins 60 per pack. $1.99

Wave clips

Use these 3 inch long clips to hold hair and wig fiber away from where you'll be working. 6 per bag.

wave clips
Wave (Coiffure) clips (bag of 6) - $2.60

Snap Easy Clips

I never knew these had an official name, they're 'Snap easy clips' and I used to paint them tons of different colors with nail polish. Make your own matching barrettes!
snap easy clips
Snap easy clips - 8 count pack - $3.80

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