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Hair and wig cutting shears, thinning scissors / shears and razor combs

All of these shears and razors are nice quality for cutting hair - if you're cutting synthetic wigs with these remember that the plastic of the wig fiber will cause them to dull much faster.

stainless steel hair thinning shears
Thinning shears are a great way to thin the hair for hair that may be too thick for the desired style, and for when you don't want to razor cut. These have nice action and do the job nicely.
Stainless steel hair thinning shears - $8.00 each
stainless steel 6 1/2 inch hair cutting shears
6 1/2 inch stainless steel shears. The 'ice' doesn't refer to anything except the fact that they're kinda wicked slickery and that can feel pretty nice when you're cutting hair/wig fiber. Snippity snippity!
6 1/2 inch stainless steel shears with extra slippery icey coating goodness - $7.50 each
razor comb
Double-sided comb with a razor in it, to remove small amounts of hair, you comb gently through your hair or wig and little hair/plastic fiber bits are removed! Double-sided and can be re-razored!
Double-sided razor comb for hair / wig thinning - $3.00 each

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