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We carry three brands of semi-permanent hair dye, Sparks color, Special Effects hair dye and Punky Color
Sparks hair color dye Special Effects hair dye Punky Color hair dye
Sparks hair dye is the newcomer to the colorful hair dye scene.

Formulated to be very long-lasting and salon quality, Sparks colors come in 9 colors and 1 toner - these are meant to be mixed so that you can create your perfect shade of hair, from dark purple, to pastel pink to everything you can think of inbetween.

You don't need to mix this with a developer to get long lasting dye results. They have their own bleach (that will lift from black/dark brown to a red/orange blonde) that they recommend using before you bleach.
Special Effects hair dye has been around for quite awhile, at least 10+ years, and it's a huge favorite of our customers.

They have a line of 20 colors that range from pastel dyes, to dark purples/blues/reds, to vibrant oranges and greens.

You don't need to mix this with a developer either, but we do recommend prebleaching to get the best results.
Punky Color hair dye is a classic semi-perm dye.

A bright range of 19 colors and 1 toner await you - this was one of the first few punk hair dyes out on the market.

Punky also offers their own high lift bleach kit so you can pre-bleach before you dye.

Which should you choose? I'm at a loss to make a recommendation, as different people have very different hair, different bleaching techniques and different dye application techniques and what works great for one person may not for another. Go with the dye that has the color you really want on your hair =)

You can also read our semi-perm hair dye faq for some tips, or Email me at amphigory@amphigory.com if you have any questions about the hair dye we carry.


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