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foundation toners

Foundation toners are meant to either wear alone, under your current foundation, or to use to blend with your current water based foundation to adjust it a bit to make it the perfect color for you!

The White adds sheer paleness to your skin, the rose balances olive skin (can also be used on sallow skin to add some sheer rosiness), the mint balances out redness, and the lavender neutralizes yellow tones and adds an elegant cool toned tone to your skin. To add paleness it seems to be a tossup based on personal preference between Lavender and White.

All can be worn under, over, or can replace your normal foundation. You can also experiment with adding it to your current foundation.


Packaged in travel-friendly plastic 1oz squeezable bottles with black screw-on ball top.

white foundation toner photo1 ounce bottle white foundation - $7.00
mint foundation toner photo1 ounce bottle mint foundation - $7.00
lavender foundation toner photo1 ounce bottle lavender foundation - $7.00
pink foundation toner photo1 ounce bottle rose foundation - $7.00

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