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Crazy Color Hair dye semi plogo

Original and Best since 1977.
Crazy Color dye 250mL bottle

Crazy color was launched by Renato Brunas in 1977 in the midst of the punk rock explosion in Britain. She was inspired to create the world's first semi-permanent hair color. Renato has worked through the years to perfect this dye formula, add more colors and inspire countless professionals.

When their U.S. representative approached us to carry their dyes, we couldn't say no! We have years of history behind us as one of the first sites to offer high quality alternative color hair dyes for sale online.

Crazy Color hair dye is just $11.00 per 5.47oz bottle. This is a salon and professional product.

Crazy Color dye Vermillion Red Swatch
Crazy Color Vermillion Red
deep rich red hair dye
Crazy Color dye Emerald Green Swatch
Crazy Color Emerald Green
bright truly emerald green
Crazy Color dye Natural Black Swatch
Crazy Color Natural Black
black, but not that black. Black-lite.
Crazy Color dye Canary Yellow Swatch
Crazy Color Canary Yellow
bright sunshine yellow
Crazy Color dye Peacock Blue Swatch
Crazy Color Peacock Blue
rich blue-green
Crazy Color dye Marshmallow Swatch
Crazy Color Marshmallow
soft pastel pink
Crazy Color dye Ruby Rouge Swatch
Crazy Color Ruby Rouge
dark ruby red
Crazy Color dye Caution UV Swatch
Crazy Color Caution UV
bright highlighter yellow that glows under UV blacklight
Crazy Color dye Pinkissimo Swatch
Crazy Color Pinkissimo
hot pink
Crazy Color dye Peppermint Swatch
Crazy Color Peppermint
pretty pastel green
Crazy Color dye Aubergine Swatch
Crazy Color Aubergine
muted purpley brown meets blood red
Crazy Color dye Blue Jade Swatch
Crazy Color Blue Jade
oceany blue
Crazy Color dye Platinum Swatch
Crazy Color Platinum
neutralizes yellow tones on bleached hair and leaves a subtle grey platinum shade behind
Crazy Color dye Graphite Swatch
Crazy Color Graphite
light steely charcoal
Crazy Color dye Rebel UV Swatch
Crazy Color Rebel UV
Bright Pink that glows under UV blacklight
Crazy Color dye Sapphire Swatch
Crazy Color Sapphire
dazzling sapphire blue
Crazy Color dye Violette Swatch
Crazy Color Violette
strong blue purple
Crazy Color dye Toxic UV Swatch
Crazy Color Toxic UV
Mindblowingly bright green that glows under UV Blacklight
Crazy Color dye Black Swatch
Crazy Color Black
Black. It's in the name

Crazy Color is PPD and ammonia free, 100% vegan and cruelty free, gluten and paraben free, and ready to use (no peroxide needed). Anti-fade / high performance oils of raspberry seed, sunflower seed and avocado oil are added to each pink bottle to ensure vibrant long lasting color results.

We now have a Semi-Perm Hair Dye FAQ with the most frequent questions we get about semi-perm dyes, and our answers. Read this first before Emailing us with questions, it's a good chance your question is answered here.

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