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cake eyeliner eyeshadow sealant to make any eyeshadow last longer and turn any eye shadow into an eyeliner

Keep your eyeshadow and eyeliner where it belongs -- where you put it! -- with our cake eyeliner/eyeshadow sealant!

A small amount of this elixir mixed with your eyeshadow or powder eyeliner will help keep you smear-free all day and night. To use, fill your brush with color, then mix with sealant (but don't mix it in your eyeshadow pot! Mix on a separate surface.) Apply the mixture and add a bit of color on top to set your look if desired. Use with cake eyeliner, pressed eyeshadows or loose eyeshadows/pigments. You can also apply on top of already applied eyeliner (sparingly, or else you'll have runny eyeliner) or body art.


Cake Eyeliner Eyeshadow sealant (1oz net weight)- $7.00

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