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Tattoo rockabilly and alternative fun inspired rings - this growing collection includes bows and skulls for lovely belles, and the ultimate in sugar-skull goodness for your fingers "Banderas de los Muertos'
Rings cast in fine English pewter embellished with enamel and Swarovski crystals.
Sizes available are UK size N (approx size 6.5), Q (approx size 8) and T (approx size 9.5). Please let us know which you need when you order =)

The Sub Rosa poison ring is a ring with a black rose that contains a compartment for poison or whatnot
Sub Rosa Poison Ring

Beneath the rose, (a revered symbol of secrecy for many hundreds of years), there may just lie a malevolent draught of toxin for the subtle elimination of traitorous imposters.

A pewter poison ring with a specially accessed secret compartment underneath the black resin rose; it is not a hinge! The sprung top must be lifted between finger and thumb and then swiveled round to one side.

Width 0.9" x Height 1.6" x Depth 0.9"

In sizes L, N, Q, T
R209 - $65.00
High BallAvailable in Q, T, W
High Ball
Available in Q, T, W
ULR11 - $35.00
Duster FaceAvailable in Q, T, W
Duster Face
Available in Q, T, W
ULR12 - $29.00
Unlucky for SomeAvailable in Q, T, W
Unlucky for Some
Available in Q, T, W
ULR7 - $29.00
Needle GunAvailable in Q, T, W
Needle Gun
Available in Q, T, W
ULR8 - $29.00
Anchors AweighAvailable in Q, T, W
Anchors Aweigh
Available in Q, T, W
ULR9 - $45.00


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