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Alchemy Gothic rings depict creatures ranging from celtic inspired dragons to serpents and more...

All items are lead-free English pewter unless otherwise specified. These items are meticulously handcrafted and come to us from Alchemy Gothic.

Ring size chart:

British size = American Size: L = 6, N = 7, Q = 8 1/2, T = 10, W = 11, Y = 12 1/2, Z1 = 13. There will be a comments box during the checkout process; indicate the size you need there. :)

Wyverex Dragon SignetIn sizes Q, T, W, Y
Wyverex Dragon Signet
In sizes Q, T, W, Y

R154 - $35.00
Starchaser Handspan RingL/N (small), Q/T (medium)
Starchaser Handspan Ring
L/N (small), Q/T (medium)

R190 - $30.00
The Philosophers StoneIn sizes L, N, Q, T
The Philosophers Stone
In sizes L, N, Q, T

R191 - $87.50
ViperstoneIn sizes L, N, Q, T, W, Y
In sizes L, N, Q, T, W, Y

R193 - $27.00
Rebeschadel Ring R201 is a Norse inspired raven skull ring by Alchemy Gothic
Rebeschadel Ring

German for 'raven's skull'. The great black bird is famous for it's prophetic powers, being Odin's messengers and capable of foretelling the future. A conspiracy of ravens will always be seen feeding at a well-stocked gibbet. This sculpted raven's skull is antiqued and then hand polished.

Norse inspired Raven skull ring

Width 1.77" x Height 1.18" x Depth 0.94"

In sizes Q, T, W, Y, Z1
R201 - $45.00
Black Consort ring is a raven ring that spans 3 fingers that is norse, viking and gothic inspired. By Alchemy Gothic / Alchemy Metal Wear
Black Consort Ring

An unequivocally loyal companion, the majestic raven, wings outstretched, glides alongside its adopted squire offering protection and guidance.

This handspan ring, with detailed sculpted black raven majestically draping his wings across three fingers, has highlighted trailing edge feathers. The raven is mounted upon a polished pewter ring shank. Viking, Norse, and gothic inspired multi finger span ring has a black raven with encompassing wings.

Width 1.3" x Height 2.72" x Depth 0.16"

In sizes N, Q, T, W, Y
R205 - $30.00
The Sophia Serpent Ring is an oroborous snake ring that goes around your finger with Swarovski crystal eyes.  R206. From Alchemy Gothic
The Sophia Serpent Ring

From ancient Greek philosophy, the Ouroboros, a snake-serpent eating its own tail, is the Gnostic symbol of eternity, rebirth and the unity of everything, representing both the sun and soul of the world.

Our pewter Ouroboros ring of a serpent swallowing its own tail, has two Swarovski crystal-set eyes.

Width 1.18" x Height 0.12" x Depth 0.12"

In sizes L, N, Q, T, W, Y
R206 - $20.00
Eye of the DevilIn sizes N, Q, T, W, Y
Eye of the Devil
In sizes N, Q, T, W, Y

R24 - $29.00
Draconis CelticaIn sizes L, N, Q, T, W, YAround 1/2 inch tall.
Draconis Celtica
In sizes L, N, Q, T, W, Y
Around 1/2 inch tall.

R86 - $32.00


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