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All items are lead-free English pewter unless otherwise specified with a chain or a leather thong. These items are meticulously handcrafted and come to us from England.

Alchemy Gothic Metal Wear Double Axe gothic and heavy metal inspired necklace
Double Axe Necklace

Barbarian warlord's professional trade tool.

Gothic and Heavy Metal inspired double axe necklace

Width 1.06" x Height 1.89" x Depth 0.16" Approx.
P11 - $20.00
Alchemy Gothic Metal Wear Bindrune Hammer necklace Norse, Magickal and Heavy Metal inspired runed Norse / Thor's hammer necklace
Bindrune Hammer necklace

Authentic style, Scandinavian Thor's Hammer, inscribed with powerful bindrunes to command energy, courage, potency and conquest.

Norse, Magickal and Heavy Metal inspired runed Norse / Thor's hammer necklace

Width 1.22" x Height 1.65" x Depth 0.51" Approx.
P338 - $30.00
Bushido necklace P730 is a katana samurai sword engraved on a chain by Alchemy Metal Wear / Alchemy gothic
Bushido Necklace

The Katana - iconic sword of the samurai warrior, engraved down the length of its blade with the seven virtues of Bushido, The Way of the Warrior - Mediaeval Japan's code of chivalry: Integrity, Respect, Courage, Honor, Compassion, Honesty, Sincerity, Loyalty and Duty.

Samurai inspired necklace with an engraved katana / sword on a chain

Width 2.4" x Height 0.12" x Depth 0.13"
P730 - $18.00
Mjollnir Necklace VAP2 is a Norse inspired Mjollnir Thor's hammer necklace by Alchemy Metal Works / Alchemy gothic
Mjollnir Necklace

The name of Thors Magical Hammer executed in knotwork with the visage of a battle helmet set on a split chain.

Norse inspired Mjollnir Thor's hammer necklace.

Width 1.14" x Height 2.17" x Depth 0.59"
VAP2 - $23.00


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