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Tattoo inspired rockabilly and alternative style necklaces - hearts, tattoo guns, aces, swallows and more. Necklaces are all made by Alchemy Gothic and use fine materials such as fine pewter, hand-applied enamel inlays, and Swarovski crystals.

Swallow HeartAround 1 in tall
Swallow Heart
Around 1 in tall
ULFP1 - $41.00
The First CutAround 1.5 in tall
The First Cut
Around 1.5 in tall
ULFP16 - $41.50
Aces of SpadesAround 2 in tall
Aces of Spades
Around 2 in tall
ULFP17 - $45.00
Swallow DusterAround 2 in tall
Swallow Duster
Around 2 in tall
ULFP18 - $42.50
Black CherryAround 1.5 in tall
Black Cherry
Around 1.5 in tall
ULFP19 - $35.00
Devil HeartAround 1.5 in tall
Devil Heart
Around 1.5 in tall
ULFP20 - $31.00
Forever Inked necklace ULFP22 is a tattoo culture inspired tattoo gun necklace by Alchemy UL13 / UL17
Forever Inked necklace

A dedication to love, life or just ink? Swarovski crystal motor coils power the tattoo machine in hand; in dead hands... and inscribe their statement of eternity. This necklace is made of a two-toned pewter, with bronzed tattoo machine set with two clear Swarovski crystals, held by a skeletal hand and a scroll engraved with "Forever".

Biker and tattoo culture inspired tattoo gun necklace.
ULFP22 - $50.00
The Unlock My Heart necklace features a enamelled red diamond shape padlock with the words 'unlock my heart'.
Unlock My Heart Necklace

Diamond hard and locked like a safe, my heart is waiting for The One... The one who knows who I really am, and what I need to make me live!

A pewter, diamond-shaped padlock pendant pierced by its keyhole and enamelled in transparent blood red, the shackle engraved with the words "Unlock my heart", and suspended from two small pewter skulls with red Swarovski crystals.

The split necklace is made of two, doubled 7mm black silk ribbons, each 38"/96 cm long, (giving up to a 30"/76cm circumference), for tying by hand.

Width 3.2" x Height 1.3" x Depth 0.4"
ULFP24 - $38.00
Painted LadyAround 1.5 in tall
Painted Lady
Around 1.5 in tall
ULFP3 - $41.00
Lets RockAround 1.75 in tall
Lets Rock
Around 1.75 in tall
ULP28 - $35.00
Switchblade ChokerAround 2 in tall
Switchblade Choker
Around 2 in tall
ULP31 - $45.00
Steel GuitarAround 2 in tall
Steel Guitar
Around 2 in tall
ULP35 - $40.00
GeronimoAround 2 in tall
Around 2 in tall
ULP36 - $30.00
Snake of AcesAround 2 in tall
Snake of Aces
Around 2 in tall
ULP37 - $42.50
High BallAround 0.75 inches tall
High Ball
Around 0.75 inches tall
ULP39 - $30.00
Piston Head Necklace ULP40 is a skull motorcycle piston necklace that's biker and tattoo culture inspired by Alchemy
Piston Head Necklace

Wheels have an engine, and a spirited engine has a soul, and sometimes, the soul can be dark! A momentary glance into the cylinder might surprise, and excite you...

Biker inspired, this is a a pewter, motor engine's skull-piston pendant complete with con rod and big end, suspended from a three link timing chain bale.

Width 1.22" x Height 2.52" x Depth 0.31"
ULP40 - $35.00
Sharps Cross Pendant necklace ULP41 is a card playing tattoo and biker culture inspired iron cross necklace with the card suits represented on each cr
Sharps Cross Pendant Necklace

A professional card-player's charm and talismanic token of hard faith for the resolute gambling ace.

Biker and tattoo culture inspired, this is blackened iron cross with the card suits and central crown necklace.

Width 1.85" x Height 1.85" x Depth 0.43"
ULP41 - $35.00
Flame Brain Pendant necklace ULP42 is a skull with red enamel overlaid 'brain' by alchemy
Flame Brain Pendant Necklace

As your teacher always told you, "Idle minds are the Devil's laboratory"!

Biker and tattoo culture inspired, is a skull necklace with red enamel overlay 'brain'. Motorcycling on the brain, or just mayhem?

Width 2.05" x Height 1.02" x Depth 0.16"
ULP42 - $25.00
The unforgiven necklace is a skull adorned leather bolo/bolero neck tie
Unforgiven Necklace

Cooly and sardonically gracing the neck of the silent avenger awaiting the moment to requite an unspoken wrongdoing.

A fine, braided black leather neck tie, 40"/103cm in length, with pewter, skull-ended tips and a polished pewter ¾-profile skull and crossed bones sliding ornamental clasp.

Width 1.3" x Height 1.5" x Depth 0.5"
ULP43 - $50.00
The Mercy Cross Necklace is a Rosicrucian inspired two tone cross and skull necklace with a Mercy scroll.
Mercy Cross Necklace

A Golgothian megalith of a cross, suggesting Rosicrucian sentiment and a fundamentally underlying esoteric nuance.

An antiqued, two-tone pewter pendant of a stone-fashioned cross with a profiled skull in the center, "Mercy" scroll below and rose head beneath, and a bronzed inset with lightning bolt motifs; suspended from a bale.

On a 28"/70cm, slide-adjustable waxed black cord.

Width 1.2" x Height 2.4" x Depth 0.3"
ULP45 - $38.00
Tattoo GunAround 2 in tall
Tattoo Gun
Around 2 in tall
ULP9 - $31.50


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