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Matte lipsticks that are intensely pigmented and glide on your lips smoothly to give you the ultimate in long lasting beautiful matte lips.

  • Intense color - Our matte lip color is formulated with high color payoff for the ultimate in high pigment color. If you want it a bit more sheer, apply lightly or use a lip brush to lightly color in for the coverage you want. You'll still benefit from the high color payoff by using less to get the color you want.
  • Silky smooth and moisturizing - With our matte lip stick the days of dry mattes are over. Formulated to glide on smoothly, because if it's not a pleasure to apply you won't want to use it tomorrow.
  • Long lasting - Vibrant pigmentation lasts as long as you need it to.

We are switching from a clear top case into a black case with a color-showing band. Some matte lip colors may have clear top cases left, others we offer in the newer black color view packaging.

For more lipsticks in unusual colors please visit our Bold Effects Bright Lipstick page

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We have checked with the factory, and these matte lipsticks are vegan. The may contain still says Carmine however the vegan status was confirmed by their chemists. The ingredients are gluten-free, but the machinery is not a dedicated gluten-free line. All machinery is torn down and cleaned completely between color and product runs but the final products are not tested.

Each Matte lipstick is $10.00



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