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Matte LL Cream is a high pigment matte lipstain / liquid matte lipstick / matte lip polish that is sure to become your favorite lip color.

Intense high pigment, smooth and easy to apply formula, long lasting color and moisture to heal and protect your lips make this lip stain unique. Though these apply similar to a lipgloss, they have higher pigmentation and aren't sheer.

LL Cream finishes:

LL Cream cream finish liquid lip colors
LL Cream shimmer/glitter/metallic finish liquid lip colors
LL Cream very long lasting matte finish liquid lip colors (this is the page you're on)

  • Vibrant color - high color payoff makes LL Cream different from other liquid lipglosses you may have used. This is more of a liquid lipstick or lipstain in opacity. The bright colors are so very bright, the more natural colors still have high opacity.
  • Silky smooth - Who wants something hard to apply? Not me, and probably not you either! This formula glides on and is easy to apply
  • Long lasting - Long lasting because you probably want to do something besides touch your lips up all day.
  • Moisturizing - Gives your lips the moisturizing you need! I've seen lip stains that dry your lips out. Who needs it? Give your lips the moisture they deserve.
  • Peppermint oil scented - The light scent of peppermint oil smells fresh and light.

LL Cream lip stains / lip polish are packaged in a clear square container with a black square top (pictured over up and to the left) with a doe-foot flocked applicator. Paraben and talc free.

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Each LL Cream matte lipstick / lip polish for long lasting matte lips is $10.50



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