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Highly pigmented blue, purple, yellow and green (and more!) lipsticks for when you need high color payoff!

To look their best, funky lipsticks require some special preparation. Always apply to lips that you have been consistently moisturizing and exfoliating.

These come in a clear top case (by demand by our customers on Facebook!) so you can see what you're grabbing and to save you money. Remember to always keep these out of direct light, since the formula isn't protected by packaging. Bismuth and some other pigments are light sensitive

For more lipsticks in grey and black please visit our Matte Lipstick page

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Links to more photos:

Photo of the original 12 lined up in a row (very large)

Photo taken in bright sunlight of the original 12 swatched on my hand.

Photo taken in filtered sunlight of Spearmint, Serpent and Sugarplum swatched on my hand.

Each bold effects lipstick is $10.00
Berry Blue light blue lipstick  light blue creme lipstick

Blackberry deep berry lipstick  rich deep burgundy creme lipstick

Blue Raspberry Teal blue / green lipstick  teal blue green creme lipstick

Cotton Candy bright pink lipstick  bright pink creme lipstick

Dragonberry magenta / dark pink lipstick  dark pink creme lipstick

Frozen Blueberry Dark blue glimmery lipstick  dark blue shimmer lipstick with bigger bits of glimmer

Gum Drop purple creme lipstick  purple creme lipstick

Icing Sheer white glimmery lipstick  sheerer white shimmery/glimmer lipstick

Island Punch darker purple semi-matte lipstick  rich purple semi-matte lipstick

Lemon Drop yellow matte lipstick  yellow matte lipstick

Lime Time Highlighter lime creme lipstick  bright bright lime creme lipstick

Mirror bold effect lipstick is a smooth applying super metallic silver lipstick

Mint Julep pale green lipstick  pale green creme lipstick

Serpent medium blue-teal lipstick  blue-teal semi-shimmer creme lipstick (**Much lighter than the stick appears**)

Spearmint semi-sheer green lipstick  semi-sheer matte light green with faint golden shimmer lipstick

Sugar Plum rich purple/blue lipstick  blueypurple, or purpleyblue semi-shimmer creme lipstick

Wintergreen deep green shimmer lipstick  deep green shimmer lipstick



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