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Earring - Nidus Cuff-Stud - $18.00
Nidus Cuff stud

Earring - Pentagram Cuff-Stud - $18.00
Pentagram Cuff Stud earring

stud earring attached to an ear cuff

Mystical seal of success

Magickal, gothic and metal inspired pentacle earring attached to an ear cuff

Width 0.51" x Height 3.74" x Depth 0.51" Approx.

Earring - Temptation - $30.00
Temptation Ear wrap earring

comes singly

The serpent of Eden twists through and around the beguiled wearer's ear.

Gothic and heavy metal inspired snake earring that has a stud that goes through the ear and wraps around the top ear part

Width 1.77" x Height 2.68" x Depth 0.75" Approx.

Roseus Pentagram Hair Stick - $18.00
Roseus Pentagram Hair Stick
For Alchemical perfection.
sold singly

Necklace - Noctis Cross with chain - $43.00
Noctis Cross Necklace

Gothic pewter cross with haemoglobin red and black enamel.

Gothic inspired red and black enamel cross necklace

Width 2.32" x Height 3.23" x Depth 0.31" Approx.

Necklace - Gothic Ankh with chain - $39.00
Gothic Ankh necklace

A vampiric hybrid of the Egyptian symbol for eternal life and the stylistic form of High Gothic.

Gothic and Magickal inspired ornate ankh necklace

Width 1.65" x Height 2.91" x Depth 0.31" Approx.
Necklace - Skull and Bones - $36.00

Necklace - Coeur Sauvage - $45.00
Coeur Sauvage necklace

Conflicting beauty and duality of the heart; Swarovski crystal.

Gothic and Fantasy Metal inspired dragon necklace. Good and evil. Heart and mind - which side of you will win this fight? With red Swarovski crystal

Width 2.87" x Height 2.28" x Depth 0.43" Approx.

Necklace - Croix De Lile - $43.00

Necklace - Dark Secret - $42.00


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