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Alchemy Gothic Earrings

Alchemy Gothic Earrings cover a wide range of styles: Art Deco, Celtic, Vampire, Gothic, Heavy Metal, Medieval, Steampunk and more. Find the perfect earrings to reflect your dark style.

All items are lead-free English pewter unless otherwise specified. These items are meticulously handcrafted and come to us from Alchemy Gothic.

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Earrings that feature creatures both earthy and mythological Earrings that features crosses, both sacred and profane Earrings that look like stretchers (but are made for normally pierced ears)
Earrings that feature skulls and visages of the dead Earrings that feature mystical symbols Earrings that defy categorization
Earrings that are attached to an ear cuff Earrings that reflect tattoo culture Earrings that depict weapons, ancient and modern
Earrings that wrap around your ears

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