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Blush 24 inch synthetic weaving hair

Blush synthetic weaving weft by Sepia, part of their Blush line of anime inspired wigs.

Ever wanted to add more hair, or another color of hair, to your wig? These wefts are made to coordinate with the Blush line of wigs, but they can be added to any wig (or your hair) for some extra fiber and color. The fiber is soft and beautiful, so this may not coordinate well in texture with very punky looking or spiked wigs.

Use as-is to add more wefts to your wig, or double it up (or triple!) if you're adding something fancier like more hair to create a side part/cover the back for an up-do.

$13.00 each.

Measurements: (measured with care, but we may be a little off)
Hair length weft-to-tip of hair: 24 inches (but it is very lightly layered at the tip for a natural look.
actual sewn weft width, measured side by side, 63 inches.

The color detail links below will take you to more examples of each color in the Blush line of wigs

swatch of color onyx Onyx
dark black
wig swatch in cali blonde Cali Blonde
light blonde
wig swatch in apricot blonde Apricot Blonde
peachy pinky blonde
swatch of pink venom wig color Pink Venom
dusty light pink
swatch of firecracker red wig color Firecracker Red
dark bright red
swatch of pink explosion wig color Pink Explosion
hot pink
swatch of cool blue wig color Cool Blue
light blue
swatch of Chrome wig color Chrome
swatch of snow wig color Snow
pure white

All the color swatches are intended to show you the general color of each wig, we cannot guarantee the exact hue of the wig that you may receive due to manufacturing processes. Unless otherwise specified, wigs are one solid color and are not streaked - the swatches show you the natural color variation that occurs depending on what lighting you are in.

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