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Measurements: (measured with care, but we may be a little off)

Spike length on front and crown of wig: 5.0 inches

Length of hair layers on the back of wig: approx 10 inches

Back of wig to ends of hair: 11 inches.

Inside wig around hairline: 21 inches.

Generally the inside hairline has 1 - 1.5 inches of give due to elastic around the hairline and through the wig cap, this particular wig style runs slightly large and does not have velcro or hooked adjustment tabs. Just elastic!

Above is the black/white color combo. =)
Spiked, cheaper Cute Spiked wig with nicely stiff fiber and a slightly frizzy texture

Styling notes: This keeps it's shape pretty well - one important thing to remember about pre-spiked wigs is that *generally* the cheaper the fiber the more the wig will stay up 'spiked' without the benefit of styling aids. You'll still want hairspray if you want to mold this sucker into eye gouging spikes.

The fiber colors on this wig don't necessarily correspond with the brights on other wigs in our classic line and, this wig fiber is coarser, so that it can keep the spiked shape better.

With crimped/frizzed hair near the scalp to keep the top high up. Lighter colors of this wig may show some of the underlaying mesh in the back of the wig, due to their translucency.$16.00 each.
dark black
Brown (approx #6 brown)
dark brown
pure paper white
Auburn (approx #130)
medium auburn
Light Blonde (approx 613)
Black/white combination

The colors below this line are all fun, bright, 'clown', 'unnatural' (whatever you may term them) colors. No matter how they may look on your monitor, they don't match any color that sprouts naturally out of the scalp =)

bright yellow
bright green
bright pink (neon)
Electric Indigo
medium blue, not as dark as the swatch.
light purple
light blue

Boredhorror says: " I bought the 'punky-cheaper' wig in white which was absolutely perfect for my Kakashi Hatake cosplay(from a show called Naruto) I barely had to style it---just had to trim it up a little and add my mask. "

The wig above was a special 'softer fiber' that we randomly get in to us in the white wigs of this style.

"Hi ^_^ I just ordered a punky-cheaper wig in indigo from you guys. After some styling, I turned it into a Chibodee Crocket wig! "

All the color swatches are intended to show you the general color of each wig, we cannot guarantee the exact hue of the wig that you may receive due to manufacturing processes. Unless otherwise specified, wigs are one solid color and are not streaked - the swatches show you the natural color variation that occurs depending on what lighting you are in.

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