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Measurements: (measured with care, but we may be a little off)

Front hairline, over back of scalp to ends: 24 inches.

Back nape of wig cap to end of hair: 11 inches.

Bangs (measured front of hairline to end of bangs): approx 4.25 inches

Inside wig around hairline: 22 inches.

Wig weighs 6.1 ounces

Generally the inside hairline has 1 - 1.5 inches of give to the bands of elastic on the side/back and is adjustable via either velcro or hooks to tighten.

Above is a curly styling suggestion for Alicia, just put some large diameter rollers in the end of the wig, heat up with your blowdryer and remove when cool for big pretty curls!
Alicia - by New Look Shoulder length version of the layered Alicia style - this wig has two main layers - one hitting a bit (depending on your face shape/length) under the chin and one that goes a bit past the shoulders

Stylist notes: A small amount of wispy hair at the back nape means that you should have a gameplan for them in place before exposing this area of the wig. The part is slighly to the left (if you're facing the wig).

With a skin top (a plastic scalp, for those not in the know) in the center of the front. This lets you change the part and retain a more natural look

New Look wigs are made of Eleora, a modacrylic fiber. They're generally very soft (unless otherwise specified in the text). Tinting them with ink or wig dye may be more difficult (compared to a Kanekalon or Toyokalon fiber wig).

$33.00 each.
dark black
natural black
dark brown
chestnut brown
medium brown
medium brown
red brown
light golden brown
blended color - golden blonde
Similar to #24, but a little redder
dark gold blonde
blended color - pale golden blonde
reddish blonde
medium auburn
dark auburn
bright burgundy
Henna-type Red
light blonde
light blonde
medium golden blonde
Fire Red
Coppery redhead red
Henna Red
Super bright and saturated Henna red.

Highlighted Colors (streaked side by side)

1B highlighted with 27 1B highlighted with 30
1B highlighted with 39 1B highlighted with 130
1B highlighted with Fire Red 1B highlighted with Henna Red
2 highlighted with 30 2 highlighted with 33
4 highlighted with 12 4 highlighted with 27
4 highlighted with 30 4 highlighted with 33
6 highlighted with 27 6 highlighted with 30
8 highlighted with 30 12 highlighted with 613
14 highlighted with 24 16 highlighted with 613
18 highlighted with 22 18 highlighted with 24
24 highlighted with 613 24B highlighted with 613
24B highlighted with 613A LG26 highlighted with 613A
27 highlighted with 30 27 highlighted with 33
27 highlighted with 130 27 highlighted with 613
33 highlighted with 130
130 highlighted with 260 613 highlighted with 613A
Fire Red highlighted with 260 (light very gold blonde) Fire Red highlighted with 613

Tipped colors - the wig is one color near the scalp and gradually blends into a different color near the roots.

1B tipped with 130 2 tipped with 30
Coffee House 4 tipped with Feisty 27 18 blended and tipped with 24 (24BT18)
#33 tipped with #27 #33 tipped with #130

Trio streaked colors - multiple colors all streaked in one wig.

RS29 RS30
(no swatch available) RS31 (approx #130, 613A, #6) (no swatch available) RS32(approx Fire Red, 613A, #6)
(no swatch available) RS35

The colors below this line are all fun, bright, 'clown', 'unnatural' (whatever you may term them) colors. No matter how they may look on your monitor, they don't match any color that sprouts naturally out of the scalp =)

Red-Orange Pale Blue
Blue (medium bright turquoise blue) Dark Blue
Neutral Light Pink Hot Pink
Light Purple Dark Purple
Fuchsia / Hot Purple Pure White
Yellow Light Green (very bright)
Green Dark Green

Confused about what color is right for you? You can Email us with a reference photo attached and we're happy to help - or you can pick up a New Look wigs color ring - this contains all the conventional colors, does not include swatches of the fun colors.

New Look swatch ring - $22.00

Need your wig(s) really super fast? If you are ordering only New Look brand wigs, we can ship your order to you directly from the California warehouse for an additional $2.00 fee per order. This will get your wig to you much faster no matter where you live in the USA. We can only offer ground freight for this option.

If you're ordering any non-New Look wigs or other items (such as cosmetics, wig accessories, hair dye, etc), we would not be able to dropship to you without an additional fee to cover freight from their warehouse to you.

New Look items dropshipping - $2.00

All the color swatches are intended to show you the general color of each wig, we cannot guarantee the exact hue of the wig that you may receive due to manufacturing processes. Unless otherwise specified, wigs are one solid color and are not streaked - the swatches show you the natural color variation that occurs depending on what lighting you are in.

The fun colors on these wigs will not match up exactly with the fun colors of wigs from our other product lines.

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