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Knee highs in gothy striped or solid colors. Anklets in black and white for layering over your tights or wearing with your mary janes.

For those of us with curvier calves (which includes me!) and larger feet: The nylon knee-his and anklets stretch fairly generously. The acrylic socks stretch to fit the average size large ladies size.

Knee Hi Socks

striped knee highsstriped knee his

*squeak* cute stripey knee hi socks! We offer stripey arm warmers, tights and leg warmers to match! $5.00 per pair
Black and White striped

Black and Dark Purple striped

Black and Neon Pink striped

opaque knee hisopaque knee hi socks

Knee hi socks in solid black and white for costume / cosplay or layering over fishnets. I took the photo to the right to show that they stay fairly opaque (within reason, it *is* nylon) even over my wide calves. $3.00 per pair
Black nylon knee hi

White nylon knee hi

skull print argyle socks

Skully argyle socks! For channeling your inner deathy prep, or playing pirate (ARRRgyle!) $7.00 per pair
Argyle and skull knee high socks
faux lace up socks

Faux lace up knee socks - with lacey ruffle top and cute bow! $9.00 per pair
Faux lace up knee socks - with lacey ruffle top and cute bow!
skull print knee hi socksskull print knee hi socks

Striped Knee hi socks with starry eyed skull at the top! $8.00 per pair
Striped Skull knee sock - black/pink
Striped Skull knee sock - black/grey


ankletswhite anklets

Satin Cuff Anklets. These aren't especially shiny, just a very slight sheen. Quite opaque as shown in the photo to the right. $4.00 per pair
White satin cuff anklets
lace ankletslace anklets

Lace Ruffle Anklets. Non-shiny 100% nylon anklets with nice lace around the cuff. Quite opaque as shown in the photo to the right . $4.00 per pair
White lace ruffle anklets
Black lace ruffle anklets
Red (cool toned blood red) lace ruffle anklets

"One Size Fits Most" items generally fit 90-160lbs.

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