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Team Colors by Jerome Russell are spray in colors that are more resistant to sweating and running (hence marketing them for crazy hair for football/soccer games).

Directions for Use: Shake can well. Hold about 12 to 18 inches from hair. Apply to dry-styled hair. Provides firm hold to hair; use after styling. Do not apply to wet or chemically damaged hair. If used on chemically treated or damaged (or very light) hair, Team colors can last up to 5 days. To remove immediately use clarifying shampoo.

Team Colors are $8.00 each and non animal tested. 3.5oz net weight. I cannot ship these via Airmail, ground freight only please!

Ingredients: Dimethyl Ether, SD 40 Ethanol, Titanium Dioxide Coated Mica, PVP/VA Copolymer, Iron Oxide. May contain fragrance.

Turf Green
medium green

Wreck 'em Royal Blue
medium blue

Nail 'em Navy Blue
dark blue

Block 'em Black

Penalty Flag Yellow
bright yellow

Enemy Orange

Red Zone Red

Bruisin' Maroon
light burgundy

Punishing Purple

Field Line White

Trophy Gold
metallic gold

Screamin' Silver
metallic silver

Below are photos, with and without flash, of these colors sprayed onto normal printer paper.

Top row: Bruisin' Maroon, Screamin' Silver, Nail 'em Navy Blue
Second row: Penalty Flag Yellow, Punishing Purple, Enemy Orange, Trophy Gold
Third row: Wreck 'em Royal Blue, Turf Green, Red Zone Red
Fourth row: Field Line White, Block 'em Black.

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