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Special Effects hairdye is a semi-permanent, conditioning hair color that comes in a wide spectrum of fabulous colors. They are non-animal tested and made with gentle ingredients. Professionals and non-professionals alike are using Special Effects dye to get the bright long-lasting results they need.

The swatches below are of each color on white paper. The links from the color names below go to a gallery of customer-submitted (thank you everyone!) photographs of the color results they got. Your results may vary, we highly recommend prebleaching for the most stunning end effect.

Special Effects hair dye is just $11.98 each. 1 bottle contains 4 oz of dye, the thicker and longer the hair, the more you'll need. Special Effects recommends not lathering on liberally but using 'just enough' to coat each strand.

Atomic Pink
Atomic Pink
very bright pink
Blood Red Color Swatch
Blood Red
deep rich red
Special Effects blue haired freak hair dye
Blue Haired Freak
very light bright blue
Blue mayhem
Blue Mayhem
bright neon blue
Blue Velvet Color swatch
Blue Velvet
deep blue

Bright as F@#! Yellow
very very bright yellow!
Burgundy Wine
Burgundy Wine
blue toned burgundy
Candy Apple Red Color swatch
Candy Apple Red
medium cool/toned red

Cherry Bomb
bright bright *neon* cool-toned red

Cupcake Pink
pink that starts out bright
and fades into a long
lasting pastel
Special Effects Deep Purple Color swatch
Deep Purple
very dark blue-purple
Special Effects Devilish Color swatch
(formerly Ruby Red) bright slightly cool toned red
Electric Blue
Electric Blue
bright true blue
Special Effects Fishbowl
aqua turquoise
Special Effects Joyride dye
pastel pink-purple
Special Effects Hi-Octane dye
Hi Octane Orange
very bright red-orange
Hot Lava
Hot Lava
warm bright red
Special Effects Iguana Green
Iguana Green
bright holiday green
Special Effects Limelight
bright green
Napalm orange
Napalm Orange
(formerly Agent Orange) bright neon yellow-orange
Special Effects Nuclear Red
Nuclear Red
very bright red
Special Effects Pimpin' Purple
Pimpin' Purple
medium red-purple
Special Effects Purple Smoke hairdye
Purple Smoke
pastel blue-toned purple
Special Effects Sonic Green
Sonic Green
medium teal
Special Effects Virgin Rose
Virgin Rose
medium magenta
Special Effects Wildflower hairdye
bright blue-purple

Mixer Toner
A 'clear' shade that
looks lavender in the bottle this is great to take yellow tones out of bleached hair.You must already have your hair at 'inner lemon rind' yellow for this or any other semi-perm toner to be able to neutralize the yellow.

Your actual results on your hair will vary depending on what color you start out with.

Stuff you may want to know about dyeing your hair with Special Effects dye:
Semi-permanent hair dyes are like cellophane - and the lighter your starting hair color the brighter the resulting color. So, picture putting easter basket cellophane over your hair in a color when you check the colors above. If you put blue on blonde hair, you'll get green. If you put green over brown hair you'll get 'ugh'.

Dyes stain, yay! because that's how they work to give you good color! So, wear gloves. Use vasoline or hand lotion and slather it on every bit of your skin that you don't want stained your hair color when you apply the dye.

Jerome Russell Ultimate blonding 40 volume high lift bleach kit

Jerome Russell Ultimate blonding 40 volume high lift bleach kit

This bleach kit comes with everything you need for highlighting/tipping/streaking, and comes with 2 applications of bleach. Contrary to what you'd expect from the name, you don't get blonde dye in this kit - just bleach =)

If you have currently processed or damaged hair, proceed with caution when bleaching. Really! I've overbleached my own hair before, and while it was a long time ago, it was VERY memorable.

Jerome Russell Ultimate 'Blonding' (whatever!) kit - Salon Quality 40 volume bleach kit (box includes highlight cap, development cap, metal hook, 40 vol peroxide (x2), powder bleach (x2), tinting brush and really cheesy disposable plastic gloves)- $12.00

Special Effects Hair Dye application helpers (tint brushes, applicator bottles, caps and nitrile gloves!)

Tint brush. Reusable, available in black, black or, new and improved!, black. The width of the bristles is 2 inches

$1.00 each
Small Tint brush - really nice for doing streaks (or maybe you just want a smaller brush!). The width of the bristles is 1.5 inches

$1.00 each
3-in-one tint brush. Part with the long tail, comb where you're going to apply, apply color with the brush, and repeat! For the perfectionist!

$1.00 each
4oz easy squeezy applicator bottle - for applying your own custom blends!

Pitch your wussy short gloves, because how many times have they let you down when you inevitably stain right *below* where they end? These gloves come down around 4-5 inches past your wrist. Nitrile. Powder free! They're considered disposables, but they would be reusable, if you avoid poking holes in them.

$1.30 per pair
Clear elastic'd processing cap to use for your semi-perm dye. Keep the dye on your head and not all over your chair. Pretty bloooo hair not included!

$0.50 each
Highlighting/Frosting cap You put the cap on, and you poke holes in it. You pull the strands of hairs through and... Bleach them! Dye them! This makes highlighting hair without getting it all over your non-highlighty hair a *lot* easier! If you can keep stuff fairly tidy, you can reuse these =)

$1.70 each.
Crochet hook / Highlighting hook / Frosting hook Hair people have a lot of different names for things. This is a hook thingie that will be very handy for spearing and pulling through exactly the strands of hair you want to bleach / frost / highlight / dye. Very reusable!

$1.70 each.

We now have a Semi-Perm Hair Dye FAQ with the most frequent questions we get about semi-perm dyes, and our answers. Read this first before Emailing us with questions, it's a good chance your question is answered here.

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