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Special Effects Pimpin Purple Hair Dye

" the first (picture is) with in the first week I did pimpin purple the last one is after a month of pimpin purple! "

Both photos are Pimpin Purple hair, the one on the right has Burgundy Wine streaks

Rachel again! (you saw her on the Blue Velvet page too) looking gorgeous as usual with Pimpin Purple on her hair ends! =)

"Hi, I just had my hair dyed today with your products and I've gotten lots of compliments on my hair so far. I used Atomic Pink and Pimpin' Purple over professionally lightened hair. I thought I would send in some picturef for your gallery, hopefully that is ok. Both pictures are of me at the library where I work. "

" This is the little hidden secret that tends to make people squeak if they watch me put my ponytail up and uncover it: THIS is purple. :D Pimpin' Purple, the bottle said, and damn isn't it! Started out dark plum, as in the first picture; now (two weeks later) it's gone fuscia at my nape, where I bleached my hair out palest and where the hairs are also most delicate and resistant to holding big fat molecules of color. I liiiiike what it's done "

" Theres Pimpin Purple about a month or so after coloring. "

" These were taken the day after dying. I used fishbowl on my bangs, blue mayhem on the middle, and pimpin purple mixed with blue mayhem for the back, all on pre-bleached hair. I'm very impressed with how bright the colors are, and every time I walk past a mirror I can't help but stare at them. So far, this is the best dye job I've done to date."

"Here are some pictures from when I did my little brothers hair pimpin purple! It was awesome :D"

"Hey, here are some pics of me with my Special Effects hair :) I used a combination of Deep Purple, Pimpin Purple, and Burgandy Wine. I bleached a bunch of streaks, then randomly applied dye to sections at a time. I mixed the dyes together in random combinations for most of the sections, so I don't know if the effect could actually be reproduced, but the three colors mix well and I love the results. The purple matches the purple in my nose piercing perfectly!"

Ambivalent said:

" These pictures were taken after the second time I washed it. I used two shades of purple: Pimpin' Purple and Deep Purple. I dyed my head in 18 sections, alternating colors as I went. I think it turned out rather nice. The lighter purple isn't so magenta in real life (Pimpin' Purple)"


Another great photo submission! They had this to say about the dye: "this is the best i ever had my hair (colored, anyway). in certain lights, it looked really deep purple, and in others, it looked like a wine red color!"

Tara, with Pimpin purple on top of nearly-white bleached hair.

Shadetree above with Pimpin Purple on their hair. This photo shows how dark it can be on your hair, you will get this result usually on the most brightly bleached hair.

Matt above with Pimpin Purple on their hair. Thanks for the great photo! =)

Special Effects Pimpin Purple lasts from 4-6 weeks depending on your hair's porosity. The more porous your hair, the longer it will last. Pimpin Purple is $11.49 for a 4oz bottle of color.

Pimpin' Purple
medium red-purple
Special Effects Pimpin' Purple

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