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Special Effects Napalm Orange Hair Dye

"These pictures are from a week after I dyed my hair napalm orange. It's been about a month and a half and it still looks great and I haven't had to touch it up yet!! I've done most of the special effects colors and this is my favorite by far."

A gorgeous mohawk colored with Napalm orange with some Wildflower parts on the side:
"...this is on a very sunny day a few days after dying it over white/blond hair. its been over a month now and the color is still amazing, fading into a light mango color. i love this color and highly reccomend it to anyone who wants stunningly bright hair. "

"I typically stick in the red range but wanted bright Spring hair. Spring seems to be taking forever this year and I couldn't wait anymore! I've attached a few photos of my new Napalm Orange hair. I love it. I think I'll be sticking with this shade for a while, so expect more orders from me!! :) This is over pre-lightened cherry bomb/candy apple and blood red, I used a color remover to lift the red up to an orange of their own then applied Napalm Orange and Hi-Octane Orange in strips of about 2" wide thru my whole head. Then I covered it with a plastic processing cap and sat under a dryer for an hour. This is what I got! "

"I noticed that you didn't have any pictures of Napalm Orange under a blacklight in your customer gallery, so I thought I would offer a picture I have of my hair when it was Napalm and under a black light :) the pictures are attached; there's one black light and one normal."

"napalm orange - after a few washings (about two weeks later)"

"I bought some dyes from you a couple of months ago -- napalm orange and bright as f*$#! yellow. I thought I'd send some pics... it's been two months since I dyed my hair and it has hardly faded at ALL! So I'm quite psyched about using Special Effects hairdye.

The picture (all the way to the left) was taken the day of dyeing the hair. This was actually step 1 in the 2-step process; we later went in and put orange roots in the yellow part. You can see this in (the other photos). Those were taken about three weeks after dyeing. "

Freshly dyed with Napalm Orange and Yellow.

Napalm and Fishbowl streaks, the day it was dyed.

"Napalm Orange is amazing! I was so impressed and surprised with how well it turned out. I did it while my family was away for christmas, and they came home expecting me to look terrifyingly wierd, but had nothing but good things to say to me when they finally saw it. The lighting in the first photo does not even do justice to how ungodly bright it actually was. Not only that, but it looked absolutely mindblowing under blacklight.

The second picture (webmistress note: She sent 4 gorgeous photos, we just posted the most striking one!) was taken outdoors about a week after dyeing(I know itlooks like I'm inside, I was asleep in a car). This gives you a better idea of how great this color was. It's also a good shot of the remnants of atomic pink that I couldn't get rid of even with bleach.

After a few weeks, the orange started to fade strangely. I had only used one bottle of dye(my hair is super thick and i usually need two or three), so it turned a softer orange in some spots-and bright yellow in others. I compensated for this by adding a little more orange, and lots of bright as f@#! yellow, which you can see in the last two pics. Did you notice that I'm wearing the same shirt in both even though they were taken on different days? Wierd. But i digress. Bright as f@#! yellow is also uv-reactive, so the combination of the two looked even cooler under blacklight than just the orange. If only I had had the presence of mind to take blacklight photos... "

Bright bright Napalm Orange!

"I attached a photo of me with my newly dyed Napalm Orange hair, which I applied over white blonde bleached hair. This is by far my favourite colour Ive ever had. "

" (this) is virgin rose and a hybrid napalm orange and bright as f-whatever symbols they use-k yellow, i was going for the color of orange juice really. i love that mixture. highly reccommended for hair fortified with calcuim + vitamin c, available with no, some or high pulp. "

"I wanted to go as leeloo Dallas from the 5th Element for Halloween. I used Special Effects Napalm Orange and (edit: another brand yellow dye) over near white toned bleached hair with some fishbowl remnants left in the tips. I put the orange on the bottom and the banana on my roots, overlapping about an inch. As you can see, the (other brand) is UV reactive whereas SFX is not.Unfortunately my hair is extremely damaged and the color faded within weeks, but this is NOT common for SFX in my hair. My hair was beyond fried... which I do not recommend ever doing. The effect was pretty sucessful and really fun."

" i bought napalm orange dye from you about three months ago. i bleached my hair and about a month later i dyed it with the orange. the outcome was and is phenominal. it's lasted about three weeks so far and hasn't faded much. "

"Here are some pictures of Napalm Orange a couple days after dyeing over light blonde hair (bleached). It came out VERY bright and even glowed under blacklight...(this) was taken on a sunny day."

"I used Special Effects Napalm Orange. I recommend and will never use anything but Special Effects for un-natural hair colors. How I did it: we began when my hair was a faded pink; we bleached out the roots, then when they had lifted to a corn-silkish blonde, I spread the remainder of bleach mixture on the rest of my hair and lifted the pink out in about 2-5 minutes. After, I rinsed, washed and dried (NO conditioner!). We deposited the Special Effects entire contents (sans about an ounce) into a bowl and in order to thin it and ensure there was enough dye to cover my entire head/all my hair, we added (till it pretty much doubled) 10 volume (clairol?) creme developer. This, in NO way changed the color or effect of dye; however it thinned it to a thinness which made it very easy to spread all over and doubled the proportion (I suggest this!!!). We let the dye sit for probably 30 minutes or so, then I rinsed thoroughly in cool water(I usually wash right after dying, but did not this time), and conditioned well. The hair came out totally great. It has been since March 17th (now it is April 8th) and I've had truly minimal fading (still bright-- can barely tell), though it is notable that I only wash my hair about 3 times per week. My roots are grown in heavily and if it weren't for them, I would wait at least 2 more weeks before dying again." - Jessica Bustos

"Picture taken the night of dying my hair, in a dimly lit bar with a flash camera. No pictures of how it is now (about 4 weeks later), but it has only slightly faded to a still bright orange (perhaps a bit softer than as harsh as the sent photo looks)".

"I'd like to share with you the wonderful results. I dyed my boyfriend's hair and mine. On mine I used Electric Blue, and for the yellowish green color I mixed some Sonic Green, Blue Mayhem, and lots of Bright as F@#! Yellow. For the Boyfriend Erik, I used Nuclear red on the back(which the pictures don't really show), napalm orange in the middle, and bright as F@#! Yellow in the front. the pictures were taken the day after dying for me and one week after dyeing for him."

She says:
"I dyed it over light pink, not knowing what to expect, this was my first time ever doing an orange shade. I was amazed by the outcome. This picture was taken on New Year's Eve, and Today (3/19) I've only had to do touchups twice! Its a brilliant shade, that leaves many people exclaiming 'wow, that is VERY bright'"

She says:
"i recently bleached my hair to platinum blonde- almost white and then dyed napalm orange special effects dye. it is actually as bright as the picture shows!! people are amazed when they see how crazy bright my hair is. i *love* my hair this color and will always have special effects orange!!"

"This is Napalm Orange and some purple that a friend made for me. I've been using Special Effects for about 6 years now, and I will never use anything else."

Buster and his Napalm Orange-d friend =)

NN with Napalm Oranged hair, around 2 weeks after bleaching and dyeing.

Freshly done Atomic Pink with Napalm Orange =)

S said:
" This was taken the day I got it done. It's Napalm Orange on the bottom and black on the top. For the first week the color looked like bright red, but then faded into a really nice orange. "

Special Effects Napalm Orange lasts from 4-6 weeks depending on your hair's porosity. The more porous your hair, the longer it will last. Napalm Orange is $11.49 for a 4oz bottle of color.

Napalm Orange
bright neon yellow-orange
Napalm orange

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