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Special Effects Hi Octane Orange Hair Dye

Rachel with Hi Octane Orange freshly done over prebleached hair.

Steve with Hi-Octane Orange hair.

Hey!, Sarah (sister to Rachel and Steve pictured above) has Hi Octane Orange hair too!

"The dyes I used were Hi-Octane Orange and Bright As F@#! Yellow. I also have pictures of my hair under a blacklight! I noticed you didn't have any of the blacklight effects and figured you might like some :D"

"The Hi-Octane Orange photo was about 3-4 days after dying, and it lasted about 6 weeks before the tips had clearly faded to yellow. However, even after fading it was still very very bright and it looked more like a flame."

"I typically stick in the red range but wanted bright Spring hair. Spring seems to be taking forever this year and I couldn't wait anymore! I've attached a few photos of my new Napalm Orange hair. I love it. I think I'll be sticking with this shade for a while, so expect more orders from me!! :) This is over pre-lightened cherry bomb/candy apple and blood red, I used a color remover to lift the red up to an orange of their own then applied Napalm Orange and Hi-Octane Orange in strips of about 2" wide thru my whole head. Then I covered it with a plastic processing cap and sat under a dryer for an hour. This is what I got! "

PS with Atomic Pink and Hi Octane Orange hair!

"Here are some pics of my feshly dyed hair. An atomic pink mohawk with a hi-octane orange devilock (bangs). It was done over fairly light yellow blonde. Since all of my hair was blonde and I didn't want to get the color on the sides of my hair, I brought the dye into my hairdresser and she did it for me."

"I've repeatedly bought hair dye from you guys, but at this time I'm really in love with hi-octane orange. My friend dyed my head and used the toner to keep the bottom half of my head pale blonde/nearly white. I also really like how it takes months for the color to fade -- at the end of 2, it was a really fruity orange color, and the only thing that made me reapply the dye were my inch-long roots!"

Above is how Hi Octane Orange looks after around 1 week, it was dyed on top of her faded Hot Lava and she says the Orange came out quite red on her.

“this is a day after dying, i had previously dyed it pink, but it failed to show any results. i left it on for 5 minutes over dark bleached hair. i used to have black hair and recently bleached it to get the black out, but the high octaine orange came out beautifully!”

From Tara, Hi Octane orange after a couple of weeks.

Submitted by Evan - "I am the one on the left...Evan...this is a couple days after dying it. also my third time dying it orange. it always starts out a bit red and then fades to a bright orange. it lasts a good 6-8 weeks before you have to re-do it. the guy next to me is Miguel...he used a dark red (other brand name semi-perm) dye. it faded to pink within 10 days."

Hi-Octane hair with Atomic Pink bangs and side pieces.

Hi-Octane orange on the front and Blood Red on the back of the mohawk.

Hi-Octane hair with Atomic Pink in the front.

Hi-Octange Orange with an Atomic Pink streak. This was dyed over Napalm Orange hair.

Special Effects Hi-Octane Orange lasts from 4-6 weeks depending on your hair's porosity. The more porous your hair, the longer it will last. Hi-Octane Orange is $11.49 for a 4oz bottle of color.

Hi Octane Orange
very bright red-orange
Special Effects Joyride dye

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