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Special Effects Electric Blue Hair Dye

"I'd like to share with you the wonderful results. I dyed my boyfriend's hair and mine. On mine I used Electric Blue, and for the yellowish green color I mixed some Sonic Green, Blue Mayhem, and lots of Bright as F@#! Yellow. For the Boyfriend Erik, I used Nuclear red on the back(which the pictures don't really show), napalm orange in the middle, and bright as F@#! Yellow in the front. the pictures were taken the day after dying for me and one week after dyeing for him."

"(photo 1)Fresh Electric Blue, dyed over yellowish blonde. The front looks sort of purple...

(photo 2) Electric Blue, after a few days. Still shiney, but already starting to fade. (I apologize for the brightness of this pic) "

"These pics where taken after 2 washes. I love the bold color that it gives my hair. Me and my husband love it. I am glad I found your site!!! Now my daughters want to color their hair blue as well. :)"

"I attemped to dye my hair to match it to synthetic dreadlocks that I got over the summer 05. Sucess was found in Special Effects Electric Blue! Oh wow! My roots did come out tealish, which I think you can see better in the photo of me with the extensions in (I added it so you could see how well the color blended in to the dreads). Again, amazing color, amazing all around. Faded extremely slowly!!! actually dyed my synths, which I have never heard of before! (as plastic hair isn't porous... but ok) would reccomend highly for a good true bright blue"

A few of our customers do use Special Effects dyes to deliberately tint their dreads in a gradient pattern, depending on the synthetic hair (and results will vary widely!) the hair can sometimes take the dye ranging from very well to hardly at all!

atomic pink bright pink hairdye

"Electric Blue and Atomic pink, day after I dyed it, on bleached hair"

Tara is pictured with Electric Blue, it was applied over bleached hair.

"I ordered 3 bottles of electric blue and one of atomic pink from your site and i wanted to share my wonderful results with you."

"...me with Blue Velvet and my boyfriend Boone with electric blue. I have natural blonde hair, and Boone has dark hair bleached light before dying."

"I used Electric Blue for 2006 New Year's Eve and wow, it kicked! With a single use (on a rather chaotic pattern), my hair became full of bright blue patches. Sunlight reflected beautifully on it, as can be seen in the photo.

It took my hair about a month to lose its color and turn back to the bleached-blond I had used for preparation. By that time, I had a new hair cut and changed style, but my experience was a most rewarding one!"

Multilayered streaks of Virgin Rose, Joyride, and Electric blue

Beautiful Electric Blue hair!

Special Effects Electric Blue lasts from 4-6 weeks depending on your hair's porosity. The more porous your hair, the longer it will last. Electric Blue is $11.49 for a 4oz bottle of color.

Electric Blue
bright true blue
Electric Blue

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